Review: Demand of the Dragon by Kristin Miller

April 11, 2013 Review 1

Review: Demand of the Dragon by Kristin Miller

Despite their attraction, dragon shifter Caleb Rycroft always saw Lucy Sheffield as off-limits. Now, three years after mysteriously disappearing, Caleb has returned and wants nothing more than to show Lucy the ecstasy that can be shared between dragon and rider. But Lucy is set to claim another dragon at her brother's demand…

In order to stop the arranged claiming, he and Lucy must embark on a frantic mission to find her brother and extinguish a growing threat to their entire isle. If they fail, the island of Feralon will perish…along with any hopes Caleb had to explore his forbidden desire for Lucy…

Title: Demand of the Dragon
Author: Kristin Miller
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Series: Isle of Feralon
Published by Harlequin
Source: Author
Published: April 1, 2013
Genres: Fantasy Romance
Pages: 80
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Stars: four-stars
Flames: four-flames

Lucy is approaching a claiming (marriage) that her brother arranged for her in the event of his death. She is not looking forward to this arrangement, she does not even know who she is about to be forced to spend the rest of her life with. A few years ago she had her sights set on the dragon she wanted to spend the rest of her life with. A few years ago she had the ideal life. She had a loving brother and an amazing best friend that she secretly wanted more from. Lucy has mourned these two loved one for the past 3 years. As far as this reader is concerned life is looking fairly dismal for this Sindraco.

Caleb has returned to Feralon just in the nick of time to postpone Lucy’s claiming. He believes that her brother Tristan is also still alive. He has been chasing possible leads for the past three years in an attempt to find her brother and bring him home. This rescue mission also gives Caleb the perfect excuse to be close to the one female he always wanted, but never had.

Lucy and Caleb make up one hot couple! They both want each other and always have. Growing up together as best friends has left them both not wanting to spoil that amazing relationship with a romance that may not work out. They are both so in tune with one another though that it makes their pairing work extraordinary well and blazing hot.

I was pleased to read more about the life of Dracos and their Sindraco riders. This is something that has a role in the first Isle of Feralon book, Claimed by Desire. As a reader I love knowing more and more details about how something that is world specific works. The bond between a rider and her dragon is very sexy as we get to see between Caleb and Lucy. The Feralon world that Kristin has created is beautiful and magical and all around enchanting. I really want to read one of her mer people from this world! *hint hint Kristin*

Demand of the Dragon works as a stand-alone in the Isle of Feralon series, as does each book in this world.

Kristin Miller


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  1. Kristin Miller

    Thank you so much for the review! Glad you enjoyed Caleb and Lucy’s story. 🙂