Review: Demonic Desires by Mandy M. Roth

March 30, 2013 Review 0

Title: Demonic Desires
Author: Mandy M. Roth
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Published by The Raven Books
Source: Publisher
Genres: Erotic Paranormal Romance

Mandy M Roth

Demonic Desires

By: Mandy M. Roth

Ebook: 141 pages

Publisher: The Raven Books

ISBN13: 2940012426680

Source: Publisher for an honest review

Genre: Paranormal Erotic Romance

Stars: 4

Flames: 5


She might look fragile, but Ava Fenaly is fierce. She knows a thing or two about magik, and she knows exactly what she’s doing when she summons a demon in her bedroom. Well, almost. Ava is convinced that the exhilarating, almost terrifying night of passion that follows is all a dream. It has to be, because she’s dead set against revisiting her past-and the horrors she left behind long ago. For the last three-hundred-plus years, Donatus Manlian has been living a peaceful life. Lonely, but peaceful. When the demon he has kept carefully locked within for centuries finally breaks free and responds to Ava’s call, the peace-and the loneliness-are gone. Now Donatus is forced to revisit tragedies long buried as he protects Ava from the evil that pursues her. But another evil lies within him-and now that it’s been awakened, the demon wants free.


This is not the first time that I have read one of Mandy Roth’s books and it will not be the last. She is always able to keep me interested in her books as well as keeping little bits of them unpredictable. I really liked this book and I am looking forward to reading others in this series? I hope there is another story coming anyway. The story starts right off with a steamy scene in chapter 1. The story branches out from there. It hooked me from the start of the story and kept me interested through the entire tale.

The story had a couple surprises for me. Things like where Donatus works and that there are more yummy men just like him there were a couple of these. Also there were a couple of times that this book made me laugh out loud as well. The reading flowed well for me with the exception of one conversation between Ava and her friends. It just seemed a little long to me but it was also full of information that really helped fill out the background of Ava and her friends.

I really enjoy the good vs. evil type books especially when it is one where Lucifer just might get his butt kicked. There is a little of all different types of supernatural beings in this story so there is something for everyone. The author creates twists and turns in the storyline that keeps you on your toes and a little anticipation of what the author will reveal next. If there is another written in this line I would definitely like to read the next one.

RB Rachel


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