Review: Demonic Temptation (Demonic Liasions #3) by Kim Knox

April 10, 2014 Review 0

Review: Demonic Temptation (Demonic Liasions #3) by Kim Knox

Book three in the Demonic Liaisons series.

Adela Tilman is a woman pursued by strange lovers she can’t see. Unseen hands, mouths, tongues tease and torment her. They hint at exquisite release…but never quite fulfill that dark promise. Worse, something about the new insanity of her life has pulled Marcus Yeats back into her world.

Marcus is a man who has fueled her fantasies for years, a man she ran from after one mad moment of indiscretion. But here she is again. Caught by him…and wanting so much more than an illicit fumble or the hands of strangers tormenting her body for too few moments.

Now everything is about to change. Idaeus has found them both.

Inside Scoop: Contains steamy ménage with unseen lovers.

An Exotika® scifi-futuristic erotica story from Ellora’s Cave

Title: Demonic Temptations
Author: Kim Knox
Series: Demonic Liaisons
Source: Publisher
Published: March 28, 2014
Genres: Erotic Sci Fi Romance
Pages: 35
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Stars: three-stars
Flames: five-flames

This short story is a very intriguing and stimulating erotic story. Adela Tilman is a woman pursued by unseen lovers who hint at exquisite release but never quite fulfilling that dark promise and to top it all off Marcus Yeats, a man from her past fantasies has somehow been drawn back into her world.

This fast paced very short story sets the reader on fire with some super hot sex scenes that includes invisible lovers. The author brings the story to life with vivid imagery and details that capture the imagination. The characters are intriguing and bewitching and the very sensual being grab the reader’s attention from the very beginning.

The concept of the invisible lovers is intriguing and certainly arouses curiosity and the quick erotic read is certainly enjoyable but for me I think I would have preferred a lot longer version of the story that explained more about who the characters are and what happens after they bond, what does all of it mean. See there is too many unanswered questions for me and my imagination can take it lots of different directions which will drive me crazy.

Demonic Temptations
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