Review: Desert of the Damned (Demons in Exile #1) by Kathy Kulig

September 4, 2013 Review 2

Review: Desert of the Damned (Demons in Exile #1) by Kathy Kulig

While working on an environmental project in the Arizona desert, research scientist Amy Weston finds herself caught in the war between two men. Dante Akanto lures her into the desert to explore the dark side of her passions, pleasuring her in ways she never thought possible with his bizarre sex games. And park ranger Jake Montag has a compelling mysticism and powerful sensuality that's impossible to resist. But the two men, demon and shapeshifter, are engaged in a supernatural fight between worlds. Amy and her high level of life force energy is the key. Dante's world and his immortality depend on claiming her as his own. The choice Amy makes between the two men will affect both her world and her future.

Title: Desert of the Damned
Author: Kathy Kulig
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Series: Demons in Exile
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Published by Ellora's Cave
Source: Publisher
Published: December 19, 2008
Genres: Erotic Paranormal Romance
Pages: 172
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Stars: three-half-stars

Desert of the Damned is one of those stories that took me completely by surprise with where it was going. The blurb made me think that there would possibly be a ménage. That is not how things worked out though. So please be aware that with this multiple partner erotic romance you’ll get a happily ever after that has you cheering and an anti-hero that has you salivating for more of him. The Native American mythology that tale is immersed in was a wonderful addition to this tale.

Dante has limited time on the Earth plane. His mistress that he has bound himself to in a deal with her brand of devil has him gathering the much needed energy that will hold her world together. Dante has found various means of gathering this energy, though he favor one that will leave you fanning yourself wanting while wanting him to take things further. Oh yes, Dante will leave you hot and bothered.

His current means of procuring this energy is Amy. She has no clue what is really going on with her lover. His brand of loving leaves her wanting more and questioning what is really going on in their quasi relationship. Things at work are getting just as crazy. She a lab rat has been tasked with a field research assignment to find out the reasons behind the odd occurrences in the desert she calls home. Her job is made all the more easier with the partnering of one very sexy park ranger, Jake.

The strange happening in the desert has Jake hoping that the situation is not as bad as it looks. His grandfather who clings to his Native American roots and beliefs consistently warns Jake that there is a great danger in the desert, an otherworldly danger. He wants Jake to embrace the side of his heritage that he views as a curse to get to the bottom of it before things escalate to the point that it is humans affected, not just the animals.

With a grandfather who is not afraid of doping his grandson with Peyote and some interesting uses for a bear skin rug this first installment in Kulig’s Demons in Exile series is a great read for lovers of paranormal romance who want the erotic kick with a side of Coyote mythology. I LOVED granddad Bill and I hope to see more of him in the next book.

Kathy Kulig

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  1. Sophia Rose

    This one caught my eye before because I love when mythology like the Native American stuff enters into a story. Thanks for sharing!