Review – Devil’s Mark (The Devil’s Keepers #2) by Megan Crane

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Review – Devil’s Mark (The Devil’s Keepers #2) by Megan Crane

Holly Chambless is tired of being the squeaky clean daughter of Lagrange’s holier-than-thou mayor. When her father is charged with corruption, she realizes that her whole life’s been a lie. Now’s her chance to do all the things she never dared, like scoring a job at a bar where reputations go to die, or reconnecting with the biker who sparked a secret hunger in her all those years ago. Holly isn’t a wide-eyed girl anymore—and this time she wants a taste of what has always been denied.

Killian “Uptown” Chenier has no time for stuck-up princesses. He likes fast bikes and wild sex. Sure, he remembers Holly. He sent her running with a wicked smile and a lesson about prying eyes. And sure, she’s grown up smoking-hot, with a body he’d like to personally desecrate. But Devil’s Keepers business is real and intense. Her daddy stole from the club, leaving his pretty blonde daughter a walking target. And when Uptown takes aim at what he wants, he never misses.

Title: Devil's Mark
Author: Megan Crane
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Series: The Devil's Keepers
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Published by LoveSwept
Source: Publisher
Published: January 3rd 2017
Genres: Contemporary Romance, Motorcycle Theme
Pages: 193
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Stars: three-half-stars
Flames: three-flames
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I was a little hesitant in picking up this book. Not because I didn’t like the cover (HELLO) and not because it didn’t sound interesting. I was hesitant because I remembered that I didn’t exactly love the first one. But I’m happy I picked this up. I enjoyed this more than the first by far and this can be read as a stand alone, so yay!!!

Holly is the Mayor’s daughter. Ok, she’s more than that. She’s a princess who went away to college, got a degree and is now back home following the news that her father is actually a crook. Not knowing who to trust, she realizes that she probably needs to make some of her own money considering the money she thought was hers may not even exist thanks to her dad. While waiting for her “job interview” at the filthiest bar in town (also THE bar for the MC’s), she runs in to the one biker that changes everything.

Uptown is the “pretty boy”. He always has a smile and knows how to charm anything from anyone. But seeing the one girl who got under his skin all those years ago in the bar that she shouldn’t be in is causing him to think with the wrong head. And that’s not all. She’s the daughter of the man who is at the center of his clubs financial issues. This can’t be good. But when has Uptown ever been good?

I have to admit that the story line is WAY better this time around than with the first installment.. I was actually interested in knowing how Holly was going to deal with the “daddy” issues (quite well actually). I was even more impressed with the sex scene. I think that the build up helped pull everything together, which only added to the moment. Well done. The only issue I have with this one is the ending. Not the climax ending, the wrapping everything up ending. We just skip ahead two years. TWO YEARS!!! And there’s supposed to be another one? Does that start when the climax ended or after the two years? I guess we’ll find out…



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