Review: Dirty Irish (Sinners & Saints #5) by Sara Brookes

March 29, 2017 Review 0

Review: Dirty Irish (Sinners & Saints #5) by Sara Brookes

He refuses to be owned. She won’t settle for anything less…

Natalie has done everything she can to forget the man who gave her the most erotic power exchanges of her life. He wasn’t her first lover, but he was the first to submit to her. McKinley wasn’t a docile submissive. Whenever she pushed him to the edge, he became commanding and domineering. Perfect. She was prepared to give him her heart, but he abandoned her when she needed him the most.

McKinley swore he would never give up control again. But his reclusive existence has eroded his soul so much, there is nothing left but his need for the only woman he ever loved. Back on familiar soil for a St. Patrick’s Day ride with his Riding Irish brothers, McKinley seeks to repair the one relationship he is convinced will cure him of his relentless cravings. This time their reckless games won’t break him.

In the secret dungeon at the clubhouse, memories of their wild past rouse sinfully dirty thoughts. Then one fateful moment leaves two rival clubs in an all-out war where Natalie and McKinley are in the crosshairs. They could end up losing everything—including each other.

Title: Dirty Irish
Author: Sara Brookes
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Series: Sinners & Saints #5
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Published by Loose ID
Source: Author
Published: March 6, 2017
Genres: BDSM, Erotic Contemporary Romance, Motorcycle Theme
Pages: 106
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Stars: four-half-stars
Flames: four-flames
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It’s not often I get to indulge in a BDSM story that has a Domme. Usually, I’m reading Alpha male Dom and a strong female sub. In Dirty Irish, I get the Alpha male but in this case, he’s a sub. And to make it more interesting, let’s have it in an MC club.

It’s time for St. Patrick’s Day run and McKinley has come back to make the run with his Riding Irish brothers. After leaving the island and the Domme he loved, he swore he’d never give up his control again. He wants to repair what they had and maybe be able to get on with his life. He broke her heart when he left, and now that he’s back, Natalie wants nothing to do with him. She’s done all she could to forget him and now she wants him gone. Can we say complicated!

Yowza! Fast, hot and deliciously dirty, Dirty Irish hit me in all the right spots. I loved learning a bit more about Natalie and what her place was in this series. I don’t remember McKinley from before but he is making up for lost time now. The story is told in the present as they do the second chance dance as well as super HAWT past scenes. Things play out fast and we get a nice revisit with past characters. Yup, most excellent read!

It’s a quick story so I’m not going into details so read it for yourself to find out what happens. I do have one little equation to comment on and then I’m done. I love Sara Brookes and all her stories are amazing! I cry, sigh, and smile right in all the correct places because she just takes you into the story and you are there feeling all those emotions. However, there was a bit of a serious touching scene in Dirty Irish that I just lost it and could not stop laughing…kind of like being at a funeral and getting the giggles. McKinley + 3 days = PMSL!!!



Dirty Irish
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