Review: Dominance and Deception by Amy Valenti

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Review: Dominance and Deception by Amy Valenti

Submission is a dangerous game…

The one question you never expect your hot, Dominant co-worker to ask: “Faye, are you dating my ex-submissive?”
Great. Now Detective Zach Pierce will think I’m a Domme and a lesbian. I’m actually a bisexual switch who’s been dying to kneel at his feet for years. And the reason he’s asking this question? My casual sub has been pulled into the interrogation room at work and is showing every sign of being a duplicitous, possibly murderous bitch.

Then again, if she’s had a hidden agenda this whole time, I’m taking my collar back—and that means I’m single. As far as I know, so is Zach.

With the embarrassing secrets our shared ex is revealing about me to him, this could be the start of a very interesting relationship…or the ruination of a treasured friendship.

I’ll be in my forensics lab waiting for the drama-storm to pass…

Reader Advisory: This book contains scenes of violence, torture, reluctant role-switching, menthol play and references to an F/F D/s relationship.

Publisher's Note: This book was previously released by Totally Bound under the same title. It has been expanded, revised and re-edited for re-release.

Title: Dominance & Deception
Author: Amy Valenti
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Published by Totally Bound
Source: Publisher
Published: February 6, 2015
Genres: BDSM, Crime Drama, Erotic Romance
Pages: 202
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Stars: three-stars
Flames: four-flames

This was a different read.  It started out like an episode out of CSI.  We have a cop, Detective Zach Pierce, and a Forensic tech, Faye – no last name – who work together and are attracted to each other.  In the course of a murder investigation they discover they have dated the same woman.  This added a little spice to the story and piqued my interest.  Zach and Faye solve the murder and because of what comes out in this investigation discover they have more in common than they thought and begin a more intimate relationship.

Here they began to lose me.  Faye was a bi-sexual switch.  Zach is an uber alpha dominate.  I could except that the relationship could work, but it just seemed to me that Faye was doing all the compromising and Zach was setting all the rules.  Faye seemed okay with it, but really?  She totally subjugates herself for this guy.  I really didn’t see where he made her stronger or built her up.  In fact at one point, he offers her a reward – anything she wants.  She wants to top him.  Logical request for a switch.  He grudgingly agrees, goes through the scene, then a couple weeks later punishes her for it.  I did not like that.  I felt it was wrong.  They did discus it and come to terms about it, but well, it disturbed me.

Roughly two thirds of the book was spent on their relationship that spanned two years.  One sex scene after another.  I began to wonder, after this long and as heavy as they were getting into their relationship, why they hadn’t moved in together.  The last third of the book went back to cop work and then I found out why.  There was more story plot to deal with.  I can’t say I was very surprised at where the story went.  I kind of expected something of this sort from the set up in the first part of the book.  I was surprised at the perpetrator though.  That came out of left field.

The way it was handled by Zach only reinforced my impression of him being an uber alpha that must do things his way.  I was one of the ones angry with what happened.  I wanted to deck him so bad!  But everyone eventually accepted his decisions and forgave him.  Grr! Arg!

I am going to split the differences between I so didn’t want to finish this book and I can’t turn the pages fast enough to finish.  I experienced both with this.  I felt Faye was too easy on the one hand, but she wanted what she wanted and went after it.  I didn’t care for Zach very much, but he did have his moments.  The endless sex in the middle got a bit repetitive, but surprisingly inventive at times.  When there was action happening it was heart stopping and exciting.

The fans of the CSI franchises should like this with its forensics and cop action.  Fans of kinky erotica will love it. I just thought there could have been a better blending of the two.  Otherwise, a decent read.


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