Review: Double Exposure (Director’s Cut #2) by Liz Borino and Michelle Stevens

January 27, 2014 Review 0

Review: Double Exposure (Director’s Cut #2) by Liz Borino and Michelle Stevens

Family is what you make it. Keeping it together is often more complicated than we realize.With the man who stabbed Zack still on the loose, in reaction to his fear Zack becomes even more dependent on his submissive role in his marriage. This leaves the whole family, especially his husband, Steve, reeling.

Darren, Drew’s abusive ex, won’t let them heal in peace. Darren goes from soiling Drew’s name in the media to harassing his current partner, Alex, until he finally takes the one thing the family can’t afford to lose.

Double Exposure tells a story of a family who have every reason to run, but come through all their trials with hope and love. And a little help from the kink that brought them together.

Title: Double Exposure
Author: Liz Borino, Michelle Stevens
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Series: Director's Cut #2
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Published by Lazy Day
Source: Publisher
Published: 6 August, 2013
Genres: BDSM, M/M Erotica, Male Male Romance, Menage
Pages: 227
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Stars: four-half-stars
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Double Exposure, Director’s Cut #2 was a wonderful read as it took the reader further into the loves of Steve and Zack and Alex and Drew.  A complete family; whether by blood or happenstance, the men have formed a healthy and loving bond. The dynamics between all of them added intrigue and substance to the story.

Liz Borino and Michelle Stevens delivered a tale that made me, as a reader, feel a part of the inner workings of their lives. Each step the characters took delivered a dose of reality as they waded through each day.

What I found most fascinating concerning the book, was the fact that although the story was about a loving D/s relationship it was also about life. Everyday lives and the people that occupied the space. Raising children, holding down jobs and trying to find time to maintain a healthy bond were just a small part of the bigger picture. Extraneous factors attempted to destroy or at the very least meddle in their lives, but the basic substance of their family always kept them glued together. A new and intriguing twist was added, by the name of Shawn, Alex’s ex- hold on to your e-readers because things are about to steam up more.

A must read! Borino and Stevens hit it out of the park.

Karyn Gerrard

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