Review: Dragon Fall (Black Dragons #1) by Katie MacAlister

July 30, 2015 Review 0

Review: Dragon Fall (Black Dragons #1) by Katie MacAlister


For Aoife Dakar, seeing is believing-and she's seen some extraordinary things. It's too bad no one else believes that she witnessed a supernatural murder at an outdoor fair. Returning to the scene for proof, Aoife encounters a wise-cracking demon dog-and a gloriously naked man who can shift into a dragon and kiss like a god. Now thrust into a fantastical world that's both exhilarating and terrifying, Aoife is about to learn just how hot a dragon's fire burns.


Kostya has no time for a human woman with endless questions, no matter how gorgeous or tempting she is. He must break the curse that has splintered the dragon clans before more of his kind die. But his powerful attraction to Aoife runs much deeper than the physical-and there may be more to her than even his sharp dragon eyes can see. To survive the coming battle for the fate of his race, he needs a mate of true heart and soul . . .

Title: Dragon Fall
Author: Katie MacAlister
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Series: Black Dragons #1
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Published by Forever
Source: Author
Published: July 28th 2015
Genres: Paranormal Romance
Pages: 330
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Stars: three-half-stars
Flames: three-flames

Dragon Fall starts off fairly interesting. It’s starts with a date, a ring, a murder (of sorts) and a two year trip to a mental institution for our heroine Aoife. Once she gets out, Aoife is determine to get her life back on track. That is until a dog and a stranger end up in her lap. Turns out the dog isn’t just a dog but a demon and he can talk. And that stranger, is hot, hunky and, oh yes, a dragon. A moody black dragon to be exact. Turns out everything she was locked up for is true and she has to deal with it. Plenty of twist, turns and humor, keep this crazy ride going along. Hello Alice, I think you have discovered another wacky hole to fall into. So many twist and turns in this story keep it rolling along. Kostya has a few issues he’s dealing with and he does NOT want a mate. Aoife has to come to grips with the reality she was told wasn’t real, really is. Jim is a hoot as our demon/dog and his lack of filter is very entertaining. The adventure these two take to try to break the dragons curse is fraught with mishaps and hilarious discussions. Through in a cast of likable secondary characters and what you have is a good start to what promises to be a fun series.


As much fun as I had reading Dragon Fall I have a few bones to pick. One, despite this being book one in the lack Dragons, I can’t help but feel I’m walking into the middle of the series, There’s a familiarity between some of the characters that I’m not getting. If this a spin-off series a little warning would have been nice. Two, normally I like a book that can make me laugh but in this instance, there was almost a bit too much silliness for me. Obviously, Jim was the comic relief here. A demon that chooses his form to be a big dog – yup fun stuff, and they lack of filter was downright hysterical. I think the issue is I couldn’t quite tell if all the humor was intended. Some of the parts that could have been serious got lost in the funnies and fell flat. Third, the ending. If I was reading a paperback I know when I hit the end I would have been flipping pages and comparing notes with other copies of the book because the ending was a bit abrupt. It certainly felt like I was missing something even though there was a HEA. Could that have been a intended cliffhanger?


Despite my issues, this was a pretty good book and I did enjoy it. I think I may do some investigating into Ms. MacAlister’s other series and see if I can get up to speed before the next book in the Black Dragons comes out. Maybe after reading some of her other books I’ll get my “AHA!’ moment. As for my recommendation, I say sure go ahead and read it. It has dragons. I mean come on, who doesn’t like dragons!


Dragon Fall

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