Review – Dragon Heartstring (Vale of Stars 0.5) by Juliette Cross

October 26, 2016 Review 0

Review – Dragon Heartstring (Vale of Stars 0.5) by Juliette Cross

Demetrius Cade has long since let go of his prejudice against Morgonkind, the dragon hybrid race his father taught him to hate. But what he never saw coming was the Morgon woman who would finally teach him to love.

Shakara Icewing has watched Demetrius Cade from afar for years. Known as the most eligible bachelor and emotionally unavailable in all of Gladium Province, she sees him as the aloof, arrogant brother of her dear friend. But when they finally meet, she isn’t sure she can handle how deep and how fast they both fall.

An old enemy resurfaces and once more threatens those Demetrius loves. When Shakara plans to speak before Parliament against business tycoon Aron Grayson, she puts her own life in the line of fire. Demetrius will stop at nothing to protect the woman he can no longer live without.

Title: Dragon Heartstring
Author: Juliette Cross
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Series: Vale of Stars
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Published by Self
Source: Author
Published: October 25th 2016
Genres: Paranormal Romance
Pages: 161
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Stars: four-stars
Flames: three-flames
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Well well well….the most eligible and wealthy bachelor comes out to play…with a Morgan. Not that much of a surprise considering we already knew of this relationship after reading the other Vale of Stars editions, but we get to experience “how” they became the couple they are. And it’s beautiful. A little DISCLOSURE first though: You don’t HAVE to read Soulfire before reading this, but you’ll understand it a bit more if you do. Ok, I’m done…let’s continue, shall we…

Demetrius, the brother of Jessen and Moira, has never been seen out with a significant other. In fact, he’s always been too caught up in his work to enjoy just about anything. But after “finally” noticing a beautiful Morgan woman at his nephews birthday party, it becomes a little more difficult to think about anything else.

Shakara, the beautiful healing Morgan, has been friends with Jessen ever since she helped heal her (Soulfire reference). She’s seen Demetrius at numerous events and around town and has always found him, intriguing. But after finally catching his eye at the birthday party, she too finds herself a little more intrigued than before.

After realizing that Shakara and her clan were in danger because of their support in banning a very dangerous gun that kills Morgankind immediately, Demetrius literally jumps in to help protect what he thought he’d never want, Shakara. But it means going up against not only his father, but the one person who almost destroyed his sister.

This is a short and very sweet and sexy read. The chemistry between these two is steamy and the anticipation just about did me in (in a good way). Plus we get a little more information about the situation between the humans and Morgans. I’m loving this world that’s been created!!!

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