Review Drawing the Stud by Roslyn Hardy Holcomb

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Review  Drawing the Stud by Roslyn Hardy Holcomb

Pace Whitaker is one of the few women who ever turned fabulously wealthy Jay Adams down. His alpha tendencies were too intense and she stopped seeing him after a couple of dates. Now her brother is missing, along with millions of dollars of client money. She’s forced to make a multimillion-dollar wager with Jay in order to save her brother from a lengthy jail sentence.

Jay welcomes a second opportunity to get Pace into his bed, but knows he has to play his cards right, otherwise she’ll run again. She’ll get the money, but only if she agrees to be Jay’s mistress.
Keeping her side of the bargain is no hardship for Pace. One night in Jay’s arms leaves her craving more. Before long, they’re all-in for a high-stakes love affair, but overcoming her fears might be more than even he can ante up for.

Inside Scoop: There are more than card games going on as this interracial couple gambles on love.

Title: Drawing the Stud
Author: Roslyn Hardy Holcomb
Published by Ellora's Cave
Source: Publisher
Published: 26 July, 2013
Genres: Erotic Contemporary Romance, Romantic Suspense
Pages: 97
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Stars: three-stars
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A mid-length novella introduces us to Pace and Jay. Pace is startled by a visit from two SEC investigators looking for her brother.  Partners in a financial management firm in Atlanta, Pace’s brother has disappeared, and client funds with him.

We are thrust into the disappearance of the brother and the multiple financial twists and turns that were involved in this Ponzi scheme.  Much like Madoff, her brother was using funds from new investors to pay off the old, although he was gambling and racking up debt to individuals who don’t take IOU’s.   When Jay steps in, wires 10million into Pace’s account to cover the known debts and move the SEC out of the equation, they have a contract that involves Pace’s sharing his bed.

While the sex scenes were steamy, the Pace’s desperation and helpless behavior gave me an unsettled feeling: despite her admission that she was intrigued and attracted to the man.  Personally, this story was not for me: I felt it either needed to be longer to better develop the characters and better explain the financial misdeeds, or lay all at the foot of her brother’s inability to manage his gambling debts. The story felt muddled and the resolution of the mystery and the SEC questions were far too simple.  I found Jay to be less ‘overbearing’ and more of a fixer, although the amount of money he expended and wrote off in this investigation, no matter how rich one might be, felt highly fantastical in a situation that could have been taken from the headlines and played slightly differently.  I needed a bit more to the characters to believe in their story: although the realizations that Pace arrives at before going for her happy ever after was well-conceived and defined.



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