Review: The Dysus Dreamer (The Halfling Chronicles) by J.A. Garland

September 9, 2013 Review 2

Review: The Dysus Dreamer (The Halfling Chronicles) by J.A. Garland

"A powerful half-demon is kidnapped, bloodthirsty werewolves are on the rise, and a planet is dying. A demon warrior and dark elf joining forces are the least of their worries."

Demon warrior, Slade Aesus, is determined to destroy the werewolves controlling his cousin. But a beautiful elf, consumed by her own vengeance, finds the wolves first. Botching her assassination attempt, Annwyn has the most powerful Packs in the world biting at her heels. Both fiercely independent, can the two join forces long enough to fulfill their missions and stay alive?

Title: The Dysus Dreamer
Author: J. A. Garland
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Series: The Halfling Chronicles
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Published by Burst Books
Source: Author
Published: July 2013
Genres: Paranormal Romance
Pages: 229
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Stars: four-half-stars


I enjoyed this story even better than the first one. It flowed a little more easily and had more action to it. The plot thickens as more characters and organizations are added. I am really enjoying reading about the demons home planet and home to hear more about Sionne where the Skadi come from.

This book takes place a year after the last one. Life has moved on and the bad guys have become more desperate. I want to see where the author takes this because we now know that Amber has a younger brother and he has been taken but we don’t know much about him yet.

During the past year Aaric and Kat have gotten together which we met in the first book. One is a light elf the other a dark elf. A new character was introduced also another dark elf and a member of the Skadi which is an elite special forces type team for elves. They were believed to be extinct. Annwyn and Slade meet up as both try to assassinate the same wolf that sends them on the run after succeeding. Annwyn has many secrets but I hope to continue to see her in future books. Xian is also introduced in this story. He is a vampire and works with Slade for the NOA. I really enjoyed listening to him and would like to see more of him in the future.

There are many conflicts happening not only on Earth but also on the demon’s home planet. The heirs to the throne are both involved in plots of their own but one of them has found a way to possibly save their planet from destruction. Hopefully the demons will see the light and save their planet.

I really liked the switching back and forth between worlds. We get to see what is going on in both worlds at the same time. I also like how the characters are not all good or all bad they have good and bad points and that is what makes them all the more believable.

There wasn’t really anything I can say that I did not like in this story. It was fun and full of action, with several plots going at the same time without confusing you.

All in all I will definitely continue to read this series. I am enjoying it and can’t wait to see what is next.





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