Review: Edge of Need (Body Masters #3) by Sara Brookes

June 13, 2014 Review 1

Review: Edge of Need (Body Masters #3) by Sara Brookes

Sidelined by a devastating injury, Sutton searches for someone who will command her, pleasure her and push her to the limits of her darkest desires. Within seconds of meeting a Dungeon Monitor, she is captivated by the rough edge of dominance he possesses.


Adam lives and breathes the lifestyle, unleashing his wilder side to deliver extreme and uncompromising demonstrations. But when he finds himself without a submissive, Sutton offers herself. One night under Adam’s sensual command and Sutton knows she’s found her perfect Master.


Their scenes are white-hot and they discover a fervent need that is not easily sated. Soon they are fighting a love they never expected, surrendering emotionally to fill the aching void in both their hearts. When Sutton is free to return to the dance stage she calls home, Adam knows he’ll have to convince her to accept life as his cherished submissive, collared and kept forever.


Warning: Sparks fly when two exhibitionists collide on stage. These two showoffs let their imaginations fly when it comes to delayed orgasms, spankings, inflatable toys, straight razors and one unbelieveable collaring scene under the spotlight. Break out those opera glasses, you’re gonna want to get up close and personal.

Title: Edge of Need
Author: Sara Brookes
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Series: Body Masters
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Source: Publisher
Published: May 21st, 2014
Genres: Erotic Contemporary Romance
Pages: 300
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Stars: five-stars
Flames: four-flames

Edge of Need is a fantastic read and quite an entry in the Body Masters series. Author Sara Brookes nailed it on this one. Great characters, fantastic storyline and (oh yeah!) great sex scenes. She is easily one of my favorite BDSM authors. Probable because it isn’t all about the sex. There’s a less than perfect human side that keeps me coming back for more. Dungeon Monitor


Let’s start with McDreamy Adam! He has his issues with his family but it doesn’t make him any less a loving person. The way he cares for Sutton and his friends pushes him right up to the top of my book boyfriends. Strong yet caring, observant but not stalkerish. *SIGH* Okay he is a Dungeon Monitor  and he does have to be observant but the way he handles Sutton …where can I get my own Adam! Sutton is pretty spectacular as well. Not a mousy sub but a strong woman. When you put the two together…SIZZLE! We of course can’t have smooth sailing outside of the bedroom, but in it…OH YEAH BABY. Now they do have a few things to work out with a little push from some close and personal friends we’ve met before at the club in previous titles. I do so love when characters in previous books make repeat appearances. It makes the series so much more delightful for me. There is one friend that I hope gets his on story; Ben. Since Dalton has his it would only be fair if Ben did.


This third entry in the Body Masters series can completely be read as a stand-alone. There are repeat characters from the the first books but at no time is anything about them given away in Edge of Need. However, why would you want just a taste of a great series when you can enjoy all of it. I loved Edge of Need and so will anyone who reads it.


Edge Of Need

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  1. Carrie

    Okay… this review convinced me. I’m off to buy the series. Love me a good BDSM club story.