Review: Edge of Power (The Edge #4) by Megan Crane

March 8, 2017 Review 0

Review: Edge of Power (The Edge #4) by Megan Crane

The Raider King Wulf is the ultimate Viking outlaw, who rules a future, destroyed world with steel and the force of his will alone. And he will meet the one woman who will change everything.

Wulf is king of his clan and the ruthless head of the raider brotherhood.

Every foe in his path surrenders to his will. But when his mortal enemy’s beguiling daughter gets under his skin the way no one else ever has, a whole new intensity from the Raider King is unleashed…the fiery strength of dark passion and hard-hitting lust.

Kathlyn is no fan of the life she’s been forced to live under her savage father’s unforgiving rule. But the bold and powerful barbarian who steals her innocence—and her heart—is a dangerous bet. There’s nothing safe about a man who wants to destroy everything she knows and burn it to the ground. Except if Wulf can set her free, maybe safety is overrated…

Will the overwhelming heat of her warrior-king lead to something more powerful than either of them can imagine?

Title: Edge of Power
Author: Megan Crane
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Series: The Edge #4
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Published by St Martin's
Source: Publisher
Published: March 7, 2017
Genres: Apocalypse, Romance
Pages: 341
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Stars: four-half-stars
Flames: four-flames
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I’ve only recently started reading this series of Megan Crane and have found what I have read is fairly good. There is a combination of historical mixed in with current time frame that makes for a curiously great combination. The world that we know it has come to the end, lives have been destroyed and the ones in charge are necessarily trying to protect the rest of humanity. And then, of course, there are the Raiders. My initial impression was Vikings when I first began the series. Now I know, they are the saviors of humanity! Getting a bit ahead of myself here, let me backtrack a bit.

Princess Kathlyn has been suffering at the hands of her evil father, King Athenian, all her life. His control extends to everything, including who she will give her virginity to. Wulf is king of his clan and he is planning to take the evil king down. Alone he enters King Athenian’s castle on the pretense he wants to make peace so that the invasions between them would stop. He puts up a good front and hides his intelligence, but he’s in for a big surprise when Kathlyn sneaks into his room and more so when he finds out why.

Wulf is all that and a box of chocolate. Cunning, strong, and so sexy, it’s not a big wonder why he’s the King of the Raiders. From the very beginning we know he’s playing the king but not the real why. Kathlyn is sheltered and abused her whole life. You think she’s meek but when the time calls for it, her strong side comes out. The two together are explosive. I’d say he brings out her inner strength but really it was already there, Wulf was just the catalyst, the trigger to bring it out.

If you haven’t read any of the previous books in this series, which would be a shame because they were great, have no fear. Author Megan Crane does a great job of explaining this apocalyptic world without boring previous readers. The action is fast-paced, the romance is smoking, a great reintroduction of previous characters, and an ending that will leave you smiling. I can’t quite tell of Edge of Power is the last in the series. The story feels complete and yet I can see so much more happening. I’m hoping it’s not because I would love to see where the future for this world goes. Besides meeting their mates and the HEAs, I would like to know was the whole reason why Wulf and his Raiders go after the evil king really worth it all. Either way, two thumbs up for this book and Ms. Crane.


Edge of Power
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