Review: The Eloquent Jock by Cassandra Carr

January 13, 2015 Review 0

Review: The Eloquent Jock by Cassandra Carr

Hockey jock and English Lit major Brendan knows he’s gay, but hasn’t come out to anyone, fearing a possible backlash. Then he’s tapped to be a TA for a hot professor and feels an immediate connection. Now he must decide how much he’s willing to risk to score the ultimate goal.

Title: The Eloquent Jock
Author: Cassandra Carr
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Published by C-Squared
Source: Author
Published: January 13, 2015
Genres: Male Male Romance
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Stars: four-stars
Flames: two-half-flames

There are so many of the great troupes here: the jock and the geek, student and professor, May December romance. There was just an all-around forbidden theme that made you want Brendan and Scott to get together and work out the problems all that much more.

College guys are always a favorite of mine where gay romance is concerned. The angst and following along while they try to figure life out is a something I love to read. Cassandra did not disappoint this in Brendan. He enjoys hockey and knows that being out will make the season completely unenjoyable. The professor that he is TAing for and the attraction (acting on the attraction) is another potential problem that will have to be faced sooner rather than later.

Dr. Scott Greenfield writes murder mysteries when he is not teaching and his muse is not missing.  The missing muse is a problem that is going to get him into trouble with his rapidly approaching deadline. The attraction to his new TA is something else that is bound to get him into trouble. He finds that the muse isn’t such a stranger when Brendan is around and the fact that he likes his company so much allows for caution to meet the wind.

Scott and Brendan was one of my favorite stories out of the Campus Cravings Higher Learning MM Bundle. All the stories were great but I loved the forbidden that tempted these two men to come together. It made for a very sexy read.

At the end of the bundle edition of The Eloquent Jock readers are given what feels mostly like a happy for now. It works for the story and the time these two men have together. This stand alone edition has a bonus short story to it that really wraps things up for Scott and Brendan. I was pleased with this additional page time I got with them.

Favorite quote, Scott to Brendan: “Because I want you, dammit! And I can’t have you.”

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