Review: Embracing Silence (Project Alpha #1) by N.J. Walters

October 14, 2016 Review 0

Review: Embracing Silence (Project Alpha #1) by N.J. Walters

In the erotic first installment of the Project Alpha trilogy, a violent wasteland becomes the backdrop for two assassins who arouse in each other much more than fear and suspicion

Earth 2133

The hunter becomes the hunted

Tienan is Alpha One, created by the privileged few who live shielded from a lawless land. He's been honed into the perfect involuntary weapon—vengeful, adaptable and ruthless. Finally free of the evil organization that created him, he's on the run with one option to survive outside the Gate: avoid recapture, even if that means killing again. But the sexy little stalker following him is too delicious to take out.

The captive becomes the captor

Silence is a tracker with the Resistance, a rebel force amassed to end the reign of terror. For Silence to trust Tienan is a risk, but to resist his brutal prowess is impossible.

Enemies become lovers

As raw sexual need takes over, alliances will shift and treachery could become as potent—and as lethal—as desire.

Title: Embracing Silence
Author: N.J. Walters
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Series: Project Alpha #1
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Published by Carina Press
Source: Publisher
Published: October 10, 2016
Genres: Apocalypse, Dystopain, Erotic Romance, Romance
Pages: 114
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Stars: three-half-stars
Flames: three-flames
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Tienan was created to be an Alpha, the perfect weapon, only he was given the ability to think for himself. He was scheduled to be destroyed, replaced by a better controllable model only he and another Alpha escape. He’s now on the run on the other side of the Gate, looking for others to help him take down his creators. Silence is a tracker and part of the Resistance Tienan is looking for. She is hunting him, stalking him, this unknown person in her world. The hunted turns into the hunter. Enemies become lovers. If they can come to trust one another, they may find a way to take down the reign of terror.


Judging by a few of the other reviews I see, I may be in the minority but I actually liked Embracing Silence. It reads fast and has the right balance of romance and action is this apocalyptic world. Tienan background and creation I found interesting. Silence (Oh THAT’S where the title comes into play. HAHA!!) Is feisty. As sad as her background was, I felt it was greatly described for what I would expect in this kind of world. Lots of fast-paced action, yes okay they do hop into the sack quick however, keep in mind a lot has to happen in 114 pages. Although, I do kind of think in a world that more than half the population has died, long-term courtships would be tossed out the window and replaced with the need to procreate.


The quick hook-up aside, I did like the premise for Embracing Silence. Destroyed world, evil leaders, rising rebellion, love found under harsh circumstances. It’s not a new theory but I like what author N.J. Walters has put together here. I’m looking forward to the next installment in the Project Alpha series.



Embracing Silence
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