Review: Enemy Mine (Alpha and Omega #2) by Aline Hunter

September 2, 2013 Review 2

Review: Enemy Mine (Alpha and Omega #2) by Aline Hunter

Divided by blood. Destined by fate.

Emory is a shifter living on the edge. For years he’s struggled with his Alpha nature. Then he meets the one woman capable of soothing the savage beast—Mary incites a carnal hunger that leaves him eager and burning. Sweet, kind and impossibly beautiful, Mary is everything he and his wolven half have been craving. Unfortunately, she’s also something else, something dangerous—a Shepherd, bred of the line of hunters determined to destroy his kind.

Emory discovers earning Mary’s trust is the least of his concerns. Her relatives want Mary back. If Emory won’t hand her over, they’ll do everything in their power to take her from the pack. As danger closes in, the passionate connection between them flares into a lascivious bond that refuses to be broken.

If Emory wants to keep his mate, he’ll have to protect her—at any cost

Title: Enemy Mine
Author: Aline Hunter
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Series: Alpha and Omega
Other books in this series that we've reviewed: Vampire Mine, Alpha Mine
Published by Ellora's Cave
Source: Purchased for Self
Published: April 20, 2012
Genres: Erotic Paranormal Romance
Pages: 186
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Stars: three-stars

The first thing I need to point out about Enemy Mine is that it is the second book in a series and you need to read the other book before going into this one. There is a reason to this and I believe it is a pattern that left me mildly flustered. Much of Emory and Mary’s story takes place in Omega Mine. Just as much of Trey and Sadie’s story takes place in Enemy Mine. Hunter spends a great deal of page time reconnecting readers to the past book couple Diskant and Ava, while setting up the possibilities of two maybe three more couples in Emory and Mary’s love story. While all of this is interesting, well written, and engaging, I felt that Emory and Mary were robbed of much of their page time.

The majority of Mary and Emory’s tale takes place just the two of them, behind a locked bedroom door. This is an erotic romance so I expect plenty of bedroom time. I also expect the couple that is getting their happily ever after to get some interaction in the world and also with other characters. Sadly Emory and Mary’s biggest contribution to this book are the incredibly hot sex scenes. They are scorching hot and plentiful. The fight scenes, the shifters going against the Shepherd’s all takes place with other characters. Mary and Emory are tucked away when all this happens.

There is a ton of stuff going on in the pages of the Alpha and Omega series. With all of the goings on there are also a great deal of characters. I’m one of those people who is fine with numerous characters. I just like names that differentiate them clearly. Caden’s deceased wife is an Andrea. Random pack girl that tries to hook up with him is an Andrea. There is also a Nathan and a Nathaniel. They are playing for opposite teams so it is very important to keep them well identified. I can see how someone could easily get confused at times though with the numerous characters, prides, packs, covens, and whatever the Villati is.

Aline Hunter

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  1. Sophia Rose

    It sounds a bit distracting with all that you mentioned- at least too me- and I like my main characters to be active both in and outside the bedroom. Thanks for sharing!