Review: Even Vampires Get the Blues (Deadly Angels #6) by Sandra Hill

June 2, 2016 Review 0

Review: Even Vampires Get the Blues (Deadly Angels #6) by Sandra Hill

New York Times bestselling author Sandra Hill delivers a sizzling new entry in her Deadly Angels series, as a Viking vangel's otherworldly mission teams him with a Navy SEAL who's more than his match— she's his predestined mate . . .

The fact that vampire angel Harek Sigurdsson was a Norseman in his mortal life doesn't make thawing out after exile in Siberia any easier. But things heat up when his search for evil Lucipires connects him with Camille Dumaine, a human who thrums with sensual energy that can mean only one thing: she's the mate Harek's been seeking for centuries . . .

The SEALs call her "Camo" for her ability to blend into a crowd—yet Harek's intense blue gaze singles Camille out like a white-hot spotlight. The security wiz was hired to help bring down a ruthless band of international kidnappers, but Camille senses an unspoken agenda—besides Harek's bold declaration that she's his "destiny." Just Camille's luck that the sexiest man she's ever met may also be . . . a vampire!

Title: Even Vampires Get the Blues
Author: Sandra Hill
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Series: Deadly Angels #6
Other books in this series that we've reviewed: Christmas in Transylvania, Vampire in Paradise, The Angel Wore Fangs, Good Vampires Go to Heaven
Published by Avon
Source: Publisher
Published: August 25, 2015
Genres: Paranormal Romance
Pages: 384
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Stars: five-stars
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Back in my heyday I use to devour viking books but I got over historicals so all those sexy vikings got put to the side. On occasion I’ll dip into the heavenly angel world but I tend to find most angel stories a bit cold. My tastes run more to fang and fur so heck yea to vamps. But a viking vampire angel…a VANGEL?! Really, I had no clue what that was but the cover was sexy and I do like vamps so I decided to give it a twirl. And ya know what… Just finished Even Vampires Get the Blues and I am snoopy dancing around the room.

I loved this book! Action! Adventure! Humor! Vangels? Yes that little part stumped me since this my first book in the series…but not the last! Lucky me the author provided a enough backstory so I had no problem jumping in 6 books in. In a nutshell, seven viking brothers, all suffering from one of the seven deadly sin, approached by Archangel Michael to repent just his army of vangels or suffer the consequences. There is of course more to that but one needs to read the book to understand it all.

Anyhoo, Harek former sin was Greed. Seems the man still struggles with it and as a punishment has been banished to Siberia BRRR! Bad boy Harek! But now he is needed elsewhere. The vangels and and the military are joining forces together to bring down international kidnappers where he meets someone who’s more than his match. I word or two about Harek… Hot, funny,Yum-EEE! His match, is none other than a Navy SEAL. Actually Camille (Camo) is a WEAL, and she is a kickbutt kinda girl. Lots of action and intrigue here when the rescue goes down but the real story is Harek and Camo.

Chocolates and roses and temptations, oh my! Harek and Camo was very entertaining for me. I love a good love story that makes me laugh. They were bound and determine to NOT be together but oh those chocolates and roses. LOL!!! Great characters, fun dialog and steamy moments kept this story going for me. There wasn’t anything about this book I didn’t like except I didn’t want it to end. I’m just going to have to get my fix by starting the series from the beginning.
Now that I finished reading my very first book by Sandra Hill, I’m asking myself why haven’t I discovered her before?! Her characters are amazeballs, her story telling dragged me in and had me reading into the wee hours of the morning, have I mentioned how much I love PNRs. This is one author that is worth writing home about. I’m going to be telling everybody not only do they need to read Ms. Hill’s books but they need to read this series. Book one is downloaded I’ll be reading it this weekend! Yay baby!


Even Vampires Get the Blues

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