Review: Ever My Love (MacLeod #10) by Lynn Kurland

April 17, 2017 Review 0

Review: Ever My Love (MacLeod #10) by Lynn Kurland

In search of a fresh start, Emma Barton has traveled to Scotland to try to forget her rocky love life. Luckily, the gorgeous Highlander who owns the house up the path from her rental cottage might be exactly the kind of distraction she needs. But there’s more to his intriguing qualities than she can explain—and she certainly isn’t buying into the local legends of Highland magic.

Nathaniel MacLeod is a man adrift, all thanks to the unwanted gift that forces him to continually jump between centuries. He never knows if he’ll wind up in the present day or the fourteenth century, but when Emma follows him back through time, he suddenly has more to worry about than keeping his separate lives straight…

Someone has started to notice Nathaniel’s travels and now, no time period is safe, for him or for Emma.

Title: Ever My Love
Author: Lynn Kurland
Series: MacLeods #10
Published by Jove
Source: Publisher
Published: April 4, 2017
Genres: Time Travel
Pages: 336
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Stars: four-stars
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Lynn Kurland has a very distinct style, and there is no one quite like her! Ever My Love is written as a standalone, but I highly, highly, HIGHLY recommend you read the others (by publication date) first, as there are a lot of characters in this, and it’s easy to get lost if you’re not familiar with them.

As a longtime fan of Kurland’s, I had big hopes for this novel, and Ever My Love did not disappoint. Because she packs so many breadcrumbs into the storyline, I find that I always have to read her books twice to get the full impact. (I also, admittedly, speed read through it the first time because I love her writing, and her characters.)

The thing about Kurland’s novels is that you have to go into them understanding her style. There’s not a lot of heat (rarely do you get a kiss, even) and there’s not a lot of chemistry build up between the characters. The hero jumps pretty quickly from acquaintance to wanting to marry the heroine (standard fare for a Kurland novel), but as the heroes tend to be rather medieval in nature, I’ve accepted this as the norm in this series (and her de Piaget series as well).

Somehow, the lack of strong or obvious chemistry between the characters doesn’t detract from the overall story. It does feel at times that the romance took second place to the time travel (which is what I thought while reading it), but the truth is, Kurland’s witty, fun writing style actually does give us a sense of chemistry (I thought after completing the novel). It shows us that love can develop between people of shared experiences, from longing looks and accidental touches.

Kurland’s strength is in her heroes. Nathaniel is a great character – he’s alternately frustrated and charmed by Emma. He’s always tired because of the time traveling (there was a lot of sleeping in this one!), but he’s never too tired to take care of Emma. He’s also funny in a self-deprecating way. Like all Kurland heroes, he has money, looks, charm, and is conveniently single – and once he finds his forever mate, he is absolutely focused on her happiness.

Emma, I think, is the disappointment in this novel. She seems to be the sum total of all the Kurland heroines before her; there wasn’t anything fresh or new about her that made me intrigued as to her back story. Her dialogue is witty, though, and her a-ha moment in the novel (when she’s sitting in a board room) was wonderfully done. Emma’s character seemed not quite fully fleshed out, but I can overlook pretty much anything in an LK novel, because the story is wonderful and the hero is swoon-worthy (and always fully fleshed out).

For longtime fans of Lynn Kurland, this is a 4 star read. For new fans, I feel you’d be lost and wonder where the romance is within the pages (like I alluded to earlier, the chemistry is subtle). I suggest starting at the beginning with A Dance Through Time. That’s an old school romance, and once you fall in love with the MacLeods, it’s a hard thing to not love every subsequent book.


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