Review: Fairy Nuff by Jane Killick

August 14, 2014 Review 0

Review: Fairy Nuff by Jane Killick

Stuck in a fairy costume with magical powers, Julie “Nuff” Nuffield wishes for anything she wants. But when magic turns mischievous: a dishy doctor literally sweeps her off her feet — with a broom! — and a million pound coins trap her in her house, she must find a way out of the chaos. All while she contemplates sleeping with her ex again. Sound unfair for a single woman battling through life? Or is it Fairy Nuff?

A fun story of one woman’s quest for love and search for the right wish to bring her happiness. 

A light-hearted romantic comedy from the author of If Wishes Were Husbands.

Title: Fairy Nuff
Author: Jane Killick
Published by Windtree Press
Source: Publisher
Published: 2 June 2014
Genres: Romantic Comedy
Pages: 240
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Stars: four-stars
Flames: one-flame

Alternating between utterly ridiculous and utterly adorable Jane Killick’s Fairy Nuff is a light, fun, funny read that is the perfect pick me up for the summertime blahs.

When Julie (known as Nuff or Nuffy to her friends) finds a fairy costume at the charity shop, she knows that it is the perfect outfit for her BFF Eileen’s graduation costume party from acting school.  Admiring herself in the ladies’ loo mirror before heading into the party, she thinks back on her childhood dream of being a fairy, and finds that the costume suits her – far better than any other options.

From here on in, the story mixes unearthly events with all too familiar moments in her life: from running into her ex at the party, to her costume’s tights acting as the most effective chastity belt ever, this costume and the powers it seems to give Julie are open ended: as long as she remembers to carefully use the “W Word”…wish.

From wishing a doctor would sweep her off her feet (he does –with unforeseen consequences) to thinking back on chances and choices untaken, Julie finds support, conspiracy and even a newly tentative romantic entanglement all because of the costume.

Quick reading, with an ending that felt a bit rushed but did tie up the story, this book is a fun and light hearted chick lit that is simply meant to entertain, and it does so quite well.  Killick has a sense of humor that delights in the often slapstick humor, but is able to soften for moments that are funny simply because we have all been there.

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