Review: My Favorite Uncle by Marshall Thornton

August 4, 2014 Review 0

Review:  My Favorite Uncle by Marshall Thornton

Martin Dixon’s carefully constructed peaceful life is turned upside down when his super Christian eighteen year-old nephew Carter shows up unexpectedly on his doorstep and announces that he’s gay, Martin’s first impulse is to send him back to his parents. But when he discovers that Carter has been in a mental hospital to cure his gay-ness he realizes he’s stuck with the boy. Unfortunately, the two get on each other’s nerves, each driving the other to distraction. Independently, they each arrive at the same conclusion. The other would be much less annoying if he only had…a boyfriend.

Title: My Favorite Uncle
Author: Marshall Thornton
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Published by Wilde City Press
Source: Publisher
Published: June 25, 2014
Genres: Male Male Romance
Pages: 220
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Stars: four-half-stars
Flames: three-half-flames

*Queue theme for My Favorite Martian*  When I saw this cover and title, for some reason the old TV show, My Favorite Martian, popped into my head.  Then I started to read this and wouldn’t you know it, the uncle was named Martin.  So of course, in my mind, the uncle suddenly looked like Ray Walston.  When the nephew showed up he looked suspiciously like Bill Bixby, even though his name was Carter instead of Tim, but well too late, the stage was set.

No this was not a sci-fi story, nor even a sit-com type of story though there is humor throughout.  This was actually a very well written study on relationships.  I have never read this author so came to it with an open mind and no expectations.  I am so glad I picked this one up.

Uncle Martin is “four hundred and thirty-seven days” from his fiftieth birthday.  This may be getting to him a bit, since it is mentioned several times, but in the beginning of the book he seems content with his life and where he is in it.  Then his nephew Carter shows up at his door.   Carter has just turned eighteen and left the psychiatric hospital his parents had put him to cure his homosexuality.

Now what?  Uncle Martin hasn’t a clue what to do with a teenager.  Carter was expecting something much more glamorous than what he found with Uncle Martin.  After all, everyone in Southern California lives in Hollywood, right?  Oh, the stereotypes that popped up and were debunked in this were legion.  I cheered!

I adored these characters, as well as the supporting characters that were introduced throughout the story.  They were real people with real problems, and emotions, and feelings.  The situations that they found themselves in were very believable.  I found myself laughing with them, and commiserating with them.  I wanted to go to dinner at their house or just plain hang out with them.

I loved the growth that the characters attained as the story progressed.  They learned from each other as they got to know one another.  They each found “family”.  This was an amazing story and I am better for having read it, even if I did have that irritating theme from My Favorite Martian playing in the back of my head.


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