Review: The Fighter’s Secretary (ARe Bad Boys #5) by Ann Mayburn

July 8, 2014 Review 0

Review:  The Fighter’s Secretary (ARe Bad Boys #5) by Ann Mayburn

His prim and proper secretary has a naughty side…

Amanda’s attraction to her boss, former UFC World Champion Dallas Ortega, is off the charts. The bad boy turned successful businessman is hot, smart, and everything she’s ever wanted in a guy. The bad news? He’s also a notorious ladies man. Amanda has no intention of becoming another one of his conquests, but a girl can fantasize…

Dallas can’t believe it when he views a security tape showing Amanda, his classy, elegant secretary, doing very naughty things with one of the BDSM toys he left in his office. He’s been falling for Amanda for months and struggling to keep their relationship professional. Now? He’s going for the win. Dallas isn’t above using a little blackmail and trickery to get his submissive secretary into his bed and, hopefully, get him inside her heart.

Title: The Fighter's Secretary
Author: Ann Mayburn
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Series: ARe Bad Boys
Published by Self
Source: Author
Published: May 13, 2014
Genres: Erotic Contemporary Romance
Pages: 98
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Stars: three-half-stars
Flames: three-flames

I have this guilty pleasure, soft spot for employer/employee romances, so this caught my eye.  I was provided with a wonderful over the desk scene in this book. (Yum)

This series of books is called Bad Boys.  It is all about guys with dubious character and/or reputations.  The Fighter’s Secretary lived up to that.

UFC Champion Dallas Ortega, got employee – Personal Assistant/secretary Amanda Dumham, to play with him in a rather unscrupulous way.  In my opinion, as the story proceeded, Mr. Ortega didn’t do a lot to redeem himself – other than have a wonderful relationship with his mother.  Amanda knew what kind of man Mr. Ortega was – a womanizer who didn’t commit – and she found it very difficult to curb her feelings for him.  When she does succumb, forgive him and give him another chance, he screws that up too, in the worst possible way – publicly accusing her of cheating. He was truly a jackass and didn’t deserve her – at all – either as an employee or a girlfriend.  But alas, we must have a happy ending, so, in the end, all gets forgiven.  *sigh*

Overall, this was a decent story and held my attention.  It had a nice plot and moved along at a good pace.  I didn’t particularly like Mr. Ortega, but Amanda and the rest of his family were very likable.  I wouldn’t mind seeing a book about chief of security, Richie Wells or brother, Austin.  Fighter’s Secretary would make an acceptable summer beach read.  Enjoy.



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