Review Fin’s Fantasy by Jocelyn Dex

January 18, 2014 Review 1

Review Fin’s Fantasy  by Jocelyn Dex

Book 3 in the Sempire Seductions series.

Navine is suffering Incubus addiction--a death sentence for any Sempire. When the search for a cure turns up only one rumor, Navine is horrified to learn the mutant Fin might be her only chance to live. Fearing the taint of the mutant more than fearing death, she continues to push him away as she tries to deny how his touch inflames her.

Fin is captivated by Navine the first moment their gazes lock, but when she realized what he was--a male Sempire, an abomination--she rejected him. Fin is burning with the need to touch her, taste her and he’ll do almost anything to save her.

With time running out, passion must overcome prejudice to save Navine’s life and to grant Fin’s fantasy.

A Romantica® paranormal erotic romance from Ellora’s Cave

Title: Fin's Fantasy
Author: Jocelyn Dex
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Source: Publisher
Published: 27 December, 2013
Genres: Erotic Paranormal Romance
Pages: 128
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Stars: five-stars
Flames: five-flames
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The second book by this author I have read, this was as fun as the first and brings several different demon-prototypes into the fray.  Fin is a male sempire, an anomaly in his family and in the demonic hierarchy. He has been serving as his family’s chef for the last several years, until very recently only two people were aware of his demonic nature.  When a family friend was captured and abused by an incubus demon, her addiction to the incubus’ semen means her death, unless a cure can be found. Fin purportedly holds that cure within his own semen, now the trick is getting Navine to accept him.

Such a fun story as Navine turns on her not inconsiderable rudeness to make Fin leave: calling him a mutant and using every weapon possible in her arsenal to get him to walk away.  Without a cure, she will certainly perish, but her own bigotry and fears keep her pricklier than an angry hedgehog.  For his part, Fin wants to help, but he also can’t help being drawn to Navine: admiring not only her beauty but her spunk and fire.  Not all is simple though, she has pinpoint accuracy when throwing her barbs, and already concerned about not being accepted for who and what he is Fin is demoralized yet not defeated.

We also get to check in with others in this world: Kean and his fiancé Araya, Valia and her propensity for using the word ‘twat’ to refer to Navine, the Tengur demon pets who have discovered shape shifting, his mother with her fingers wiggling in all the areas: these inclusions make the story richer for the familiar bonds and family interactions as they increase the emotional balance.

Of course, Fin must be successful: you cheer and pull for him to win her heart and save her life, even as their natures to experiment and explore every possible sexual position and delight on tap.  Steamy hot ramping up to fiery sex is detailed and not only Navine will be in need of cooling ice.

There are more stories to come in this lovely little series that mix Sempires and Incubii, Demons and familial ties and I can’t wait to see what Jocelyn Dex manages to come up with next.

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