Review: Firebird by Pelaam

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Review: Firebird by Pelaam

Working as a Palace Scribe, Cassian is stunned to be called before his ruler, Great Monarch Maurus, and be told he is to be the bait to trap a Firebird. A dangerous predator and beast of legend that lives high in the mountains on his country's border.

However, injured as he climbs the mountain, Cassian is rescued and finds Firebirds are not animals. Instead, he uncovers Arturri,an intelligent being from another world, living as a castaway.

Forced to return down the mountain, Cassian is helpless to prevent Arturri's capture by Maurus' head of security Phrixus who is a dangerous and evil adversary.

Cassian then finds that Maurus is more monstrous than even he ever imagined when the secret beneath the palace is revealed. Who can he trust and can he save not just Arturri, but the other prisoners of Maurus?

Title: Firebird
Author: Pelaam
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Published by Totally Bound
Source: Publisher
Genres: Male Male Romance
Pages: 80
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Stars: three-stars
Flames: four-flames
Bailey Bradford

At first glance Firebird has the appearance of historical like fantasy world. Cassian is a scribe at the mercy of Monarch Maurus. The characters are dressed in tunics and leggings. The treatment of various individuals automatically sends your thinking to bygone ways. The fantasy aspect is obviously about that winged character. There’s a little more going on that kind of gave me a futuristic almost sci fi impression. I enjoyed that unexpected bit.

Cassian has been tasked with assisting his Monarch and head of security with trapping a Firebird. As a menial scribe Cassian is baffled. He knows he does not have any tracking and hunting skills to offer in this endeavor. Maurus and his disrespect of human life has no problem explaining how he will be beneficial to this hunt to Cassian. Cassian is the lure, the bait. Not knowing what else to do and knowing refusal is not an option he goes up the mountain in hopes to lure a creature he has never even heard of much less seen.

When an unknown person is spotted on his mountain Arturri tries to ignore him. He knows from past occurrences that nothing good can from contact with the inhabitants of this world. There’s a small difference this time. The human’s life is in danger and Arturri can’t simply watch him die. Saving him from the mountainside wildlife Arturri brings Cassian into his home and can’t manage to keep him from his heart.

I enjoy something vastly different on occasion and Pelaan delivered just that with Firebird. Arturri and Cassian don’t have an easy go at getting their happily ever after. Maurus has some twisted intentions where the Firebird is concerned. Life as a scribe has not given Cassian the skills needed to get out of the disaster they have been forced into. There are times when the circumstances they find themselves in dire and seemingly hopeless.

Favorite quote, Arturri to Cassian: “I would wait for you until the sun turned to ash and the stars fell from the skies.”

Gay Romance

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