Review – Follow Me (Corrupted Hearts #1) by Tiffany Snow

October 4, 2016 Review 0

Review – Follow Me (Corrupted Hearts #1) by Tiffany Snow

Brilliant, quirky twenty-three-year-old China Mack is totally satisfied with her carefully ordered, data-driven life. A computer prodigy who landed a coveted programming job at the cutting-edge tech company Cysnet before even graduating from MIT, China is happiest when following her routine: shower before coffee, pizza only on Mondays, bedtime at ten thirty sharp.

But then things start to get a little…unpredictable.

First Jackson Cooper—Cysnet’s rich, gorgeous, genius CEO—assigns China to a dangerous and highly classified project for a government defense contractor. Her sixteen-year-old runaway niece suddenly arrives in town, begging to move in with China. And then there’s her sexy but oddly unsettling new neighbor, Clark…

Quickly the Cysnet assignment becomes disconcerting—and then downright scary—as key staffers turn up dead. China suspects she’s being followed and isn’t sure whom she can trust. For the first time ever, she’ll have to follow her instincts, rather than logic, if she’s going to survive.

Title: Follow Me
Author: Tiffany Snow
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Series: Corrupted Hearts #1
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Published by Montlake Romance
Source: Publisher
Published: October 4th 2016
Genres: Contemporary Romance, Mystery, Romance, Romantic Suspense, Suspense
Pages: 335
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Stars: four-stars
Flames: three-flames
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Don’t you get tired of perfect, beautiful heroines? I do. It’s so refreshing to read a book with a strong woman lead who is unique, pretty much a self-imposed social outcast and doesn’t have it all together. China is so dang smart, and well paid because of it, but she’s not the kind of woman who gets the spot light … or the man. All of the sudden, her very precisely ordered life is being disturbed from multiple directions She’s got not just her hot boss but a neighbor interested in her! When a new work project puts her life in danger, she doesn’t know who to trust. When the average geek would fold under the pressure, she really steps up to solve the mystery that has left several people dead.

Snow does a very good job of creating a highly unusual and yet completely likable heroine. Both the men are hard to read. Is their interest in China real or part of the intrigue and who is better for her. Both are sexy and I couldn’t decide which she should get her happily every after with.

I loved China’s relationship with her niece.  It was heartwarming to see she’s not such a loner that she’s unable to enjoy the teenager’s intrusion into her life.

The books ends with China accepting an interesting new position, the sexy Clark becoming China’s employee and Jackson officially her boyfriend. I was left me very much interested in reading the next book to see what excitement, both personal and professionally, comes into China’s life.

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