Review: Foster Justice (Texas Rangers #1) by Colleen Shannon

December 18, 2014 Review 0

Review: Foster Justice (Texas Rangers #1) by Colleen Shannon

One Riot, One Ranger…

That's the Texas Ranger motto, but when Chad Foster's rebellious brother goes missing, it's time to put his elite training to use investigating a crime that strikes much closer to home. Turning Los Angeles inside out to retrieve Trey and save their ranch from a ruthless land grab is a no brainer, even if it puts his badge at risk. His only lead is a heart-stoppingly sensuous exotic dancer with a very tempting butterfly tattoo, the woman who helped scam his brother out of their ranch. But staying on top of this redhead's every suggestive word and sensual move means putting his case--and his heart--right in the line of fire . . .

A Texas Ranger, complete with quarter horse, is as out of place in downtown L.A. as a lawman is in the bed of a suspect, but with both their lives at risk, Chad has to put his trust in the one woman who could bring him down for good, and pray that somehow hard evidence is really just a pack of lies. . .

Title: Foster Justice
Author: Colleen Shannon
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Series: Texas Rangers #1
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Published by Kensington
Source: Publisher
Published: December 22, 2014
Genres: Contemporary Romance, Suspense, Western Romance
Pages: 216
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Stars: four-stars
Flames: three-flames

“Texas Ranger Motto: One Riot, one ranger.”   All I can say is, “Look out Walker, there is a new ranger in town.”  This was one rollicking story filled with action, intrigue, and betrayal.

The opening scene, not exactly what one would expect from a story about a Texas Ranger, but then again, he is tracking rustlers.  “No matter how fancy their rig, likely stolen, too, Chad viewed rustlers on a par with worms and strippers: the only critters too low to fall down.”  This vermin is not only rustling cattle, but his cattle.  So in wild west glory Chad Foster – Texas Ranger – charges in on his trusty steed, Chester, and an “AR-15 rifle mounted with a night scope” as his only back up, averts a stampede, shoots out the horn, head lights, and tires on the eighteen wheeler, arrested them and leads them back into town (a mere 20 miles) behind his horse.  All in a day’s work for this Texas Ranger.  That is only the first five pages.

Now meet little brother, Trey.  He has no interest in the ranch or Texas for that matter.  All he wants is to paint and a fiery red head in LA.  Little does he know that the guy he is selling his half of the ranch to is a sidewinder from way back.  Trey just wants to get to LA and the red head.  So the adventure begins.

A few weeks later, Chad follows Trey, complete with his dually pickup with horse trailer for Chester.  Now imagine this rigged out cowboy in Beverly Hills.  Yah!  “You’d stick out in Beverly Hills like a sore-tailed cat at a rocking chair convention, anyway, and probably not get a damn thing done before you got yourself arrested.”  According to his captain.  It was entertaining watching Chad navigate the streets of Beverly Hills.  He had barely arrived in the city before he racked up his first two tickets for “Illegal parking, no horses in the city limits.

Chad was a fun character.  Rough around the edges.  Not as smooth as Walker maybe, but he “keep on comin’.”   He tried, he really did, to be low profile, in control, and not rock the boat.  But, these Beverly Hills cops took too long.  And imagine his surprise when Chad found himself enamored with his lead witness – his brother’s girlfriend, a stripper.  (See above quote.)

This story just kept getting more and more exciting and entertaining.  I couldn’t put it done.  Art galleries.  A stripper.  A gang with a green lowrider.  A cop who seemed bent on harassing him.  Chases through Southern California.  Oh Nooooooo! Gasp!  Sniff.  *wiping tears* Threats.  A trip back to Texas.  Heart stopping action.  Gasp!  *sigh*

You really need to read this one for yourself.  A fast paced action adventure from beginning to end, with some romance thrown in for spice.


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