Review: Freedom by Jay Kirkpatrick

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Review: Freedom by Jay Kirkpatrick

In a future Earth, Patrick Harvey, newly promoted Class One Empath, dreams of the independence his position brings and the apartment he’s saving for. His first solo assignment is treating John Doe 439, a man found outside the city, battered, traumatized, and apparently mute.

Despite a strong taboo against Empaths forging romantic relationships, Patrick realizes he feels a strong attraction to his patient. Soon he learns the man is a high-level Psychic Talent named Jac. Then Jac reveals that there are abusive people hunting him for his gifts, and Patrick’s uncomplicated world explodes.

Jac needs to meet up with his companions and flee the city before anyone else can find him—but it may be too late. Word of Jac’s talents has leaked to Central Government in Chicago. If Jac wants to retain his freedom, he needs to run—now. And if Patrick wants to explore a relationship his society tells him he can’t have, he’ll have to exchange the safe fetters of his job for the uncertainty of liberty.

Title: Freedom
Author: Jay Kirkpatrick
Published by Dreamspinner Press
Source: Purchased for Self
Published: March 11, 2013
Genres: Apocalypse, Science Fiction
Pages: 232
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Stars: four-stars
Flames: half-flame

I grabbed Jay Kirkpatrick’s Freedom because the blurb was intriguing and I love a good male male romance. The reviews I read let me know I was purchasing a good read. Many people have tagged/shelved this as male male romance. This is not a romance. It is still a very good read. There is a bit of romance, several happily ever afters, many happy for nows, but not a romance.

The world as we know it has been drastically changed by the Burst. It has left the majority of the land decimated. The inhabitants have also changed. Perhaps this change is simply evolution, it may also have been due to the Burst. People have been left with Talents. Some have very little in the way of their talents. Others are now strong telepaths, empaths, clairvoyants, telekinesis, and others are true unknowns. The few people remaining are diverse. Some choose to live Outside while others are dying to get picked to live in the City. Patrick considers himself lucky that as a Class One Empath he gets to live within the City.

The first real solo case Patrick is given will open his eyes to so many things he never knew existed much less possible. The emaciated, battered and scarred John Doe 439 is going to rock Patrick’s world and turn everything he knows upside down. Jac (JD439) is from the outside and his Talents are something beyond rare. He fears the white barren room he wakes in for good reason. Jac has experienced first-hand the horrors and atrocities that can be done to people by other humans. Jac knows that the place where his friendship begins with Patrick is not what it appears to be. He worries that Patrick is not what he appears to be.

I enjoyed the story. While going in expecting a romance I was instead given a post-apocalyptic world where everything I know and love has changed. The world Patrick, Jac, and their friends, family, and coworkers are trying to not just live but to thrive in is riveting. When one decides to go against conformity and reach for freedom the way this world really works is given a different perspective and makes for an intense read. Definitely glad I read it. I know I would not have purchased it intentionally had I known upfront that I wasn’t going to get a love story.

Gay Romance
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