Review: Gauntlet (Arena #2) by Holly Jennings

April 1, 2017 Review 0

Review: Gauntlet (Arena #2) by Holly Jennings

Plug back into the dangerous world of virtual gaming, in the next thrilling novel from the author of Arena.

Kali Ling isn’t afraid of dying. She’s been killed hundreds of times in hundreds of different ways. And she knows there are things much more terrifying than death…

There’s a new game in town. A brutal, winner-takes-all, international video game tournament between the world’s most elite players, promising fame, prestige, and unbelievable fortune. But there’s a catch. The game uses new VR pods guaranteed to push digital warriors to their physical and psychological brink—adapting every time a gamer makes a move.

As the first female captain and youngest team owner in VGL history, Kali is used to defying the odds. But as the all-star tournament heats up, her determination begins to waver and the pressures of media, sponsors, and the game itself begin to put cracks in her hard-set convictions.

If Kali’s Team Defiance is to survive, they’ll have to find a way to be stronger than ever before. But battling the system may prove too difficult for even the most hardened of fighters…

Title: Gauntlet
Author: Holly Jennings
Series: Arena #2
Published by Ace
Source: Publisher
Published: April 4, 2017
Genres: New Adult, Urban Fantasy
Pages: 448
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Stars: five-stars
Flames: one-half-flames
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I’ve never really been into gaming so what possessed me to want to read Gauntlet I have no clue. Okay, I do know – the blurb. Dangerous world. Winner-takes-all. Female captain and youngest team owner. Things much more terrifying than death… Yeah, that and lots more grabbed my attention. I needed a break from all the romance I’ve been reading lately and even though I haven’t read the first book in the Arena series, this book by Holly Jennings looked to fill the bill.

Wow, just WOW! Gauntlet blew me away and once I started reading I couldn’t put it down. Kali Ling is strong and incredible as both a team owner and a player. The author really managed to capture all her strengths and flaws as she worked through the problems she faced. Not just Kali but all the characters. They start together, struggle, stumble then come back together as not just a team but as a family.

Let’s talk graphics! The attention to detail that some authors use can sometimes be wording and boring, however, since we are talking virtual worlds, detail is a must. I could just see it all so vividly in my mind. See, the thing I love about books like Gauntlet are the possibilities, the chances that something like this, the technology and its future could really happen. That makes them so much more real for me. Ms. Jennings description of the gaming worlds she created astounded me and yes I could really see it happening.

The real winner is the story itself. Twisting, turning with heart-pounding action, the struggles Kali and her team go through, the world of virtual gaming, the new pods, the truths they hold, and everything else in between. I thought I would miss out by not having read the previous book but the reality is the author did a great job of keeping the reader informed of what happened previously. The finale of the game is spectacular and is only topped by a cliffy that had me screaming. I’m not 100% sure that I will restart the series from the beginning, but I know that I’ll be looking for the next book.



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