Review: Geek Girls Don’t Date Dukes (Geek Girls #2) by Gina Lamm

October 18, 2014 Review 1

Review: Geek Girls Don’t Date Dukes (Geek Girls #2) by Gina Lamm

Leah Ramsey has always loved historical romance novels and dressing in period costumes. So when she has a chance to time travel and experience the history for herself, she jumps at it—figuring it can't be too hard to catch the eye of a duke. After all, it happens all the time in her novels.

Avery Russell, valet and prize pugilist, reluctantly helps Leah gain a position in the Duke of Granville's household . . . as a maid.

Domestic servitude wasn't exactly what she had in mind, but she's determined to win her happily ever after. Even if the hero isn't exactly who she's expecting.

Title: Geek Girls Don't Date Dukes
Author: Gina Lamm
Other books by this author that we've reviewed: The Geek Girl and the Scandalous Earl, Kiss the Earl
Series: Geek Girls
Other books in this series that we've reviewed: The Geek Girl and the Scandalous Earl, Kiss the Earl
Published by Sourcebooks Casablanca
Source: Publisher
Published: Sept 3, 2013
Genres: Historical Romace, Time Travel
Pages: 352
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Stars: four-stars

Leah has been having a rough go at life. She fills like she is losing her best friend even though her best friend is only getting married. Her ex-boyfriend has awful timing on when to step into her life for a visit. Her grandfather is giving her relationship advice surrounded by cryptic messages about his health. Jumping through a mirror into the past with the help of a former housekeeper seems like a sound plan to her in a quest to find a chivalrous gentleman. Leah can’t help but see this as an adventure in snagging her hero she has after all seen how easy this is in all her favorite classic romance movies.

Reading Leah and her quest to a happily ever after was fun. She looks at each day as a fun filled journey. She sees Avery as more than just the duke’s valet. Avery has had a rough life himself and Leah is just what he needs. He needs to see that life can be good even for those who do not think they deserve it. He needs the fun adventure that Leah can offer.

I recommend Gina Lamm’s Geek Girls books to anyone who wants a fun filled read. There is just enough action to keep the pages turning. The characters are fun and the romance is sweet. Geek Girls Don’t Date Dukes can easily work as a stand-alone. I do recommend reading The Geek Girl and the Scandalous Earl to get the full enjoyment out of Mrs. Knightsbridge and the bureau though.

Gina Lamm

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