Review: Ghostly Persuasion (Emerald Isle Fantasies) by Dena Garson

August 13, 2013 Review 2

Review: Ghostly Persuasion (Emerald Isle Fantasies) by Dena Garson

When American-born Katie takes her mother’s ashes home to Ireland, she finds hunky but spellbound Seamus loitering in her suite at Castle Tullamore. Seamus is surprised Katie can see and hear him because he was turned into a spirit three hundred years earlier. He acts as her personal tour guide, not only showing her the historical sights but introducing her to voyeurism and a variety of other carnal delights. As frustrating as it is for them to not be able to touch each other, they push the limits as far as possible.

Katie is determined to help Seamus break the spell cast on him by the wife of a previous lord, a woman he refused to take as a lover. With help from a few castle ghosts and the local witch, the two of them aim to free him and find a way to be together in the flesh.

Part of the Emerald Isle Fantasies series.

Title: Ghostly Persuasion
Author: Dena Garson
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Series: Emerald Isle Fantasies
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Published by Ellora's Cave
Source: Publisher
Published: July 12, 2013
Genres: Erotic Paranormal Romance, Ghost Story
Pages: 152
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Stars: four-stars

I love reading ghost stories and I only recently discovered ghost romances. This was a really enjoyable read that kept me up into the night reading it to finish it.

Again this author also had no problem in painting great characters that I enjoyed getting to know with the exception of the villain. Etain the villain messed with things she shouldn’t have and cursed Seamus for over 300 years. She was very easy to dislike with her selfishness. Katie being able to see spirits can see him and soon finds herself looking forward to time spent with him. I must admit that I also enjoyed him although I did find his speech and actions to not go along with the time period that he came from. He did seem to have evolved with the times a little too much.

I liked learning the history of the castle and inhabitants but really wished there was more descriptions of the castle itself. I think this is just me because I am slightly obsessed with castles. I have always wanted to visit one and would love to see this one in person.

I was a little surprised at the turn of the book that had The Dungeon club in the dungeon. It just didn’t seem to completely go with the story but it did give some background as to where Seamus got some of his speech and ideas.

The ending was very appropriate and I really liked how the author wrapped up the story. The romance between the two main characters was very well written and the storyline flowed well. All in all I would read more of this authors books.



2 Responses to “Review: Ghostly Persuasion (Emerald Isle Fantasies) by Dena Garson”

  1. evamillien

    Thanks for sharing your review. I am looking forward to reading the series. Sounds like a hot ghost book.

  2. kimbacaffeinate

    This sounds really good, I read another series with medieval ghosts in Ireland with a modern day woman and ooh I loved i will check this out.