Review: Gilded (Gossamer #2) by Renita Pizzitola

August 2, 2013 Review 0

Review: Gilded (Gossamer #2) by Renita Pizzitola

True love comes with a price.

Kyla Ashbury, half-fae, must learn to wield her Earth magic to protect herself from the king’s guard. Fleeing her betrothal to the prince, she takes refuge among the woodland fae, who are experts at Earth magic. Before she can learn to control her gift, she has to return to the castle to undo some of the damage done when she ran away with Grant. Wielding power she can’t control makes the situation worse.

Grant will do anything for the girl he loves. Even with his power to foresee danger, keeping Kyla safe is a constant challenge. As answers lead to more questions, he wonders if he is endangering her further.

Kyla’s growing talent destines her to a power struggle she doesn’t want. Every choice she makes seems to jeopardize those closest to her. She must learn to control the angry magic coursing through her if she ever hopes to live a normal life with the man she loves.

Title: Gilded
Author: Renita Pizzitola
Series: Gossamer
Published by Lyrical Press
Source: Publisher
Published: 9/2/2013
Genres: Fantasy Romance, New Adult
Pages: 218
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Stars: four-half-stars

This book is also a second book in a series. I have not read the first one but I was not lost at all in this book. From the start of the story I was completely engrossed in the storyline. I enjoyed following Kyla as she learned more about her magic and fought for what she really wants. I would list this as a New Adult book. The main characters are out of high school and there is fade to black sex even though some YA also has this in it.

The story gives you a little bit of background throughout the story of what happened in the first book. So I was able to put the story together. I don’t feel it is necessary to read the first one but I would still like to. I missed all about the beginning of the romance and how Kyla and Grant first met and also how Lexie met Coner. I would like to know more about Liam. He was a possible love interest for Kyla in the first book. He is also a Prince to who Kyla is betrothed to. I think the author did a great job in writing her characters. They each have distinct personalities that you can tell from them talking and interacting as well as their actions.  This isn’t always easy and I think the author did a good job with it.

The magical world of the fae I thought it could have had a little more description to it. I don’t know if there was more in the first book or not but do wish there had been a little more.

The ending of this story is a cliffhanger. I really want to read the next one to find out if everything will be okay. I also want to see Kyla kick some serious King Ass. I think she will in this next book.




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