Review: Give the Devil His Due (The Sanheim Chronicles, Book Three) by Rob Blackwell

October 30, 2013 Review 1

Review: Give the Devil His Due (The Sanheim Chronicles, Book Three) by Rob Blackwell

The stunning conclusion to The Sanheim Chronicles trilogy...

A Soul to Steal revealed an ancient Celtic myth in which a man and woman could gain tremendous power around Halloween, provided they faced and conquered their fears. Quinn O'Brion and Kate Tassel, two small-town journalists, became the Prince of Sanheim and used that power to defeat a serial killer.

In Band of Demons, Quinn and Kate battled a new threat, two legendary creatures who had already destroyed everyone in their path. But Kate and Quinn's victory came at a heavy price.

In Give the Devil His Due, Kate's only hope to save Quinn is to trust the man who took him from her. Don't miss the epic finale to the trilogy that has readers raving about its great characters, plot twists and deft combination of urban fantasy, mystery and suspense.

The Lord Sanheim rules forever.

Title: Give the Devil His Due
Author: Rob Blackwell
Published by Self
Source: Author
Published: October 1, 2013
Genres: Horror
Pages: 412
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Stars: four-stars

Give the Devil His Due is the intense conclusion to the Sanheim Chronicles. It also took on a whole new feel compared to the other two books in the series.  The first two books felt like true horror novels to me. The third installment in Rob Blackwell’s gripping series felt like an epic horror adventure. Readers are swept away to a completely different realm to put the pieces back together from the climatic ending of Band of Demons.

There are so many things I want to tell you and they all seem spoilerish. I was very pleased with how Quinn was written into this installment. Sanheim has plagued Quinn and Kate with more problems than any two people could ever imagine. He has affected their lives in the worst possible ways, yet they have always managed to take what he threw at them and turn it around. They have discovered who Sanheim is manipulating and stopped them. Now Kate and Quinn with the assistance of their close friends will stop this otherworldly monster once and for all!

The Sanheim Chronicles need to be read in order. This is not a series where the books will work as stand-alones or could possibly be read out of order. In fact I highly recommend just purchasing all three at once and hide away for a couple of days so that you can devour them all at once. Once you allow Rob to sweep away to Loudoun County you’re going to want to stay there until you see Quinn and Kate’s adventure to its end, which really isn’t an end at all but an entirely new journey.

Rob Blackwell


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