Review: Gone to Her Grave (Rogue River #2) by Melinda Leigh

November 5, 2014 Review 0

Review: Gone to Her Grave (Rogue River #2) by Melinda Leigh

In Solitude, Oregon, everyone has secrets…and some will kill to keep them.

When she believes a teen is falsely accused of drug dealing, social worker Carly Taylor takes on a high-risk case and her estranged husband—the detective in charge of the investigation—to prove the boy innocent. A deadly new designer drug has taken hold of her small rural hometown of Solitude, Oregon, and Carly is determined to find the real dealer and clear the teen’s name. But the deeper she digs into the case, the more danger she unearths, until someone decides it’s time for Carly to move on…permanently.

Investigator Seth Harding knows he can’t stop his wife when she has a child to protect. But he risks any chance of reconciliation with Carly if he can’t learn to accept her dangerous job. When a drug dealer decides Carly is getting too close, will Seth lose her altogether?

A pulse-pounding Rogue River novella, Gone to Her Grave is the second exciting addition to the new romantic suspense series from Melinda Leigh and Kendra Elliot.

Title: Gone to Her Grave
Author: Melinda Leigh
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Series: Rogue River #2
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Published by Montlake Romance
Source: Author
Published: October 21, 2014
Genres: Crime Drama
Pages: 110
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Stars: four-stars

Well now, book two was much more exciting and riveting.  It started with some minor action and escalated from there to some heart stopping “Oh no! Gasp!” action.

The featured characters in this book is social worker Carly Taylor and her estranged husband, county sheriff’s investigator, Seth Harding.  Yep!  They are having marriage issues, to the point she has moved to the Taylor family ranch with their daughter Brianna.

What I found most interesting about his chapter in the Rogue River Saga, is that the author didn’t focus on the family dynamics to the exclusion of the ongoing story.  The dynamics were cleverly woven into the investigation of the mysteries surrounding this rural community.

This chapter of Rogue River underlines that this a serial, not a series.  Everything in the books are related.  Nothing is as yet resolved.  A few questions have been answered, but even more have been asked and things look even murkier.

Where On Her Father’s Grave was all about the world building and introducing characters, this one brings the reader further into the mystery of what is happening in this once happy little community.  The mystery goes much deeper than anyone realized at first and seems to involve unsuspected folks.

I anxiously await the next chapter.  How did I get myself wrapped up in a serial?  Maybe because I love mysteries and I want to see how this one gets resolved.   This second novella has definitely hooked me.



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