Review: Good Hunting by Kannan Feng

April 16, 2014 Review 0

Review: Good Hunting by Kannan Feng

When lifetimes span centuries, seduction and pleasure become the ultimate entertainment.

Vampires Genevieve and Daniel have been playing a tantalizing game of tag for hundreds of years. The chase has taken them through the boredom of everlasting life and across myriad countries and cultures. Yet as engaging as the hunt is, it’s the capture that truly drives them. Genevieve has chased Daniel from Frankfurt to Paris and finally has him exactly where she wants him—shackled to her bed and at her mercy.

Stunned he’s been caught, Daniel enjoys paying the price—Genevieve is nothing if not a thorough and inventive lover. As the dawn approaches and Genevieve abandons him, still tied to the bed and unable to prevent her escape, Daniel can’t help but want to change the game—and the rules. No longer satisfied with a single night to claim his prize, Daniel hunts Genevieve to 1800s Venice. This time he’ll ensure he claims her as his—for eternity.

A Romantica® paranormal erotic romance from Ellora’s Cave

Title: Good Hunting
Author: Kannan Feng
Source: Publisher
Published: 2 April, 2014
Genres: Erotic Paranormal Romance
Pages: 34
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Stars: five-stars
Flames: four-flames

A two hundred year old game of cat and mouse has to wear on even the most accepting of vampires, yet that is exactly the arrangement Genevieve and Daniel agreed upon so long ago.  Keeping it ‘fresh’ and exciting, the thrill of the hunt an added boon to the creatures they are.

Daniel is tiring of the game, tired of playing the hunted or the hunter, and his flight from Frankfurt to Paris knowing that Genevieve would soon catch him exhilarated and tired him in equal measure. He misses her, and wants to bring an end to the game, but will she give him a chance to say the words.   After capturing and shackling him to the bed in a small rented room in Paris, Genevieve sates her need for Daniel, and then drugs him and runs, headed to a new destination.

In Venice, garbed and enjoying the parties, costumes and elaborate festivals, Genevieve is waiting for Daniel to appear – and he does: although she eludes him early on, he is continuing to stalk her, biding his time until her capture.

The chase and their initial moments together are steamy, with the sensuality ramping up with additions of bondage, teasing and the little bits of personal perspective that the reader is given to see the deep bond between them.  Unlike other vampire stories I am familiar with: these two have a bond that is most closely resembling love, mixed with a healthy dose of lust and true enjoyment of one another: their emotional attachment plays out in their games, the trust that is shared as they place themselves in positions that could result in death, while constantly seeking reassurance of the other through touch and speech.

Completely a surprise, Kannan Feng has taken a short story and brought the setting and the characters to life and created a unique take on a vampire pairing with their unusual relationship. A great quick read to pick up a slow day!


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