Review: Grabbed by Vicious (Grabbed #1) by Lolita Lopez

October 29, 2015 Review 1

Review: Grabbed by Vicious (Grabbed #1) by Lolita Lopez

Hallie has never run so fast in her life. One of the frightening sky warriors from the warship Valiant is hot on her heels and intent on capturing her as his bride. He takes her down, places his collar around her neck. With one word, he claims her.


Born and bred for the military, Vicious has spent years rising through the ranks. Hallie is his reward, the beautiful sprite ensnaring him with a glance.
Despite her fear of Vicious, Hallie surrenders under his skillful hands and mouth. If she’ll submit, he promises pleasure and comfort. After a lifetime of hardship, his offer tempts her greatly.

One night with Hallie and Vicious feels his protective instincts flaring. He’ll do anything to make her happy and keep her safe, even if that means surrendering his heart. Though he intended to master her, Vicious realizes it may be his sweet Hallie who masters him.

Title: Grabbed by Vicious
Author: Lolita Lopez
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Series: Grabbed
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Published by Night Works
Source: Publisher
Published: October 10, 2015
Genres: Erotic Romance, Erotic Sci Fi Romance, Sci Fi Romance
Pages: 235
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Stars: five-stars
Flames: four-flames

From its pulse-pounding opening chase scene, Grabbed by Vicious is a gripping erotic science-fiction romance. Lolita Lopez creates a captivating world of humans and technologically advanced humans who are at war with other civilizations in their star system.

Hallie is a witty strong-willed character who fights for what she believes in. She never wanted to be part of the Grab, which is the chasing down of a new bride by a Harcos warrior.  But, for Hallie, protecting her pregnant sister is more important than her own freedom. Hallie’s fierce, protective nature makes her an irresistible character. Vicious, an intense warrior, has earned enough credits to participate in the Grab. For reasons he can’t explain, he chooses Hallie to chase, capture, and collar. Living up to his name, Vicious intends to master Hallie in all ways possible, not thinking about Hallie’s feelings at all until he really sees the fear in her eyes. Vicious realizes that he wants to make Hallie happy and be her protector, not to harm her emotionally or physically, which makes Vicious a memorable character. Hallie has trouble reconciling her ideas of how a relationship should come together and what has happened to her. Vicious and Hallie’s relationship is intriguing as Vicious comes to the conclusion that what he needs isn’t as important as what Hallie needs, making their union that much more special. Hot and explicit sex scenes, some with light BDSM elements, are enticing and dynamic and organically help to propel the plot forward.

Another enjoyable aspect of this story is the introduction of warriors Menace and Terror. Both of these soldiers have their own preconceived notions of how a marriage relationship should be. By adding these characters to the story, Lopez nicely sets up these characters to have their stories told in future books in this series.

Grabbed by Vicious, with its strong characters, non-stop action, and passionate love story, grabbed my attention, kept me hooked to my e-reader until the last page was turned, and left me anxious to read Menace’s story right away.

I received an eBook copy from the publisher for purpose of an honest review for The Jeep Diva. I was not compensated for this review, and all conclusions are my own responsibility.

RB Lori

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