Review: Her Grave Secrets (Rogue River #3) by Kendra Elliot

December 1, 2014 Review 0

Review: Her Grave Secrets (Rogue River #3) by Kendra Elliot

There are no secrets in a small town—until someone has one worth dying for.

Local cop Stevie Taylor and police chief Zane Duncan have startling new proof that a deadly street drug is expanding its poisonous grip on their small town: a skull found on the banks of the Rogue River has two bullet holes in the back. Still caught up in the excitement of their new relationship, Stevie and Zane are determined to track down the drug’s source before more lives in Solitude, Oregon, are lost.

Then one death strikes especially close to home, leading to heartache and confusion for Stevie. As the drug distributers strike hard and the body count in Solitude grows higher, she and Zane must hunt down the deadly killer—but are they the predators, or the prey?

Filled with unexpected twists, Her Grave Secrets is the third exciting Rogue River novella in the romantic suspense series from Kendra Elliot and Melinda Leigh.

Title: Her Grave Secrets
Author: Kendra Elliot
Other books by this author that we've reviewed: On Her Father's Grave, Dead in Her Tracks
Series: Rogue River #3
Other books in this series that we've reviewed: On Her Father's Grave, Gone to Her Grave, Walking on Her Grave
Published by Montlake Romance
Source: Publisher
Published: November 4, 2014
Genres: Crime Drama
Pages: 93
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Stars: four-stars

This third instalment of the Rogue River saga has things heating up.  Things start with the discovery of a skull in the banks of the Rogue River.  “Well, it’s definitely a crime scene,” Zane said, glancing at Carter. “I’m no anthropologist either, but I know bullet holes when I see them.”  And so begins one of the murders for this installment.

As mentioned in earlier reviews of this series/serial, this is more serial than series.  Each installment needs to be read in order.  Although each installment has a specific murder or death that is solved, there is an overarching story line and mystery throughout the books that shouldn’t be missed.  In my opinion, one of the big saving graces of this series/serial is the fact that there is no huge cliffhanger – just a lot of loose threads.  That leaves it on the fence between series and serial.  Either way, it has grabbed me and has me hooked.

This pair of authors have done an excellent job at producing a wonderfully exciting crime drama series that has me eagerly tuning in for each episode.  In this episode, it is discovered that Roy Krueger is not only dead, but that he is murdered.  Remember – overarching story line.  Don’t want to say too much here – spoilers.  But well – really?  Gasp!  Oh no!  Hurry!  Whew!  Close call. *sigh*

Now, I need to find a copy of the next one?  It is supposed to be the last one and I want to know . . .



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