Review: Under His Guard (Don’t Tell #3) by Rie Warren

February 12, 2015 Review 0

Review: Under His Guard (Don’t Tell #3) by Rie Warren

Rebel soldier Darke lost his lover during the early stages of the InterNations war. Only the flirtatious attentions of the gorgeous Leon Cheramie brought him back from heartbreak and grief. Unwilling to get attached again, Darke has fought their undeniable attraction to one another. But when Leon's life is threatened, Darke cannot deny what's been brewing between them.

After escaping certain death at the hands of the enemy, the brave and determined Leon has proven himself capable of fighting in the war. The only thing he hasn't been able to do is capture the heart of the fearless warrior Darke. When a huge victory is won for the revolutionaries, Darke and Leon finally give in to their feelings for one another.

But the celebration is short-lived when Leon is infected with a deadly virus. He's a human time bomb set to plague the entire rebel population. Now, the final endgame of the war is pitted against the rebels' race to find a cure before Leon becomes a full-blown carrier and Darke loses the man who managed to win his love and bring him back to life.

Title: Under His Guard
Author: Rie Warren
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Published by Forever
Source: Author
Published: February 3rd 2015
Genres: Apocalypse, M/M Erotica, Male Male Romance
Pages: 384
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Stars: five-stars
Flames: three-flames

Hang on to your hats kids because you are for one wild ride with Under his Guard. I just loved this finally entry that is filled with intrigue, action, suspense and hot M/M sex! So emotionally deep we finally find out if the rebels win in this dystopian society and what it cost everyone involved. Best yet is all the doings between Darke and Leon.


The whole book was perfectly orchestrated to put me through a wildly emotional ride that had me alternating between crying and cursing out the author. To start with, I have been waiting from the beginning for Leon to get his HEA. He originally was just a fluff character to me but then he can to be a front and center player. Then we get thrown the curveball with him being infected with a deadly virus. Wait? WHAT! NO! I love Leon, he can’t just die. And what about Darke? After losing his previous lovers, he can’t lose Leon. Like I said, this is one is uber intense. Guess I’m not the only one who didn’t want to see Leon die because now the focus is not only to over-through the CEO but also the race is on to save Leon.


WHAT A RUSH! Packed with There was no putting this book down because I had to know NOW what was going to happen. Does Leon survive? Do any of the characters survive? Is the rebellion successful? The temptation to jump to the ending was so strong but a resisted and read every page, every word. It was soooo worth it, too, but it was close. Ms. Warren really put me through the ringer of emotions about half way in. I’m sure my family thought I was crazy when I kept screaming “No! No! No! That can’t be it!” Thankfully, she redeemed herself. Now I’m not going to lie. I had more than a moment or two where I wanted to just throttle Darke. All his pining for Leon, the ‘I love you’, ‘You deserve better’ brouhaha on occasion did have a tendency to wear thin. But, in the end, as you learn Darke’s story it all begins to make sense.


Discloser time and it’s just two things really. One – This is a series and it HAS to be read in order. Period. Each book in the series meshes adding pieces to the puzzle and by missing one book you will miss critical details that all build up to the climatic ending. In other words, these are not stand-alone books. I can’t begin to stress that enough. Second discloser – This is a M/M romance. There is lots of sex, detailed sex. If you are NOT into M/M then do not read this book and/or series. However, if you chose to take the challenge expect lots of hot delicious action that will melt your hair ribbons.


What a spectacular ending to the Don’t Tell series! All the characters brought together and getting to find out how their HEA turned out was probably some of my favorite parts of the book. The best hands down is Caspar and Nathanial’s bittersweet ending. *Le sigh* Everybody’s ending is most satisfying and I’m really going to miss this series. Now that I have finished it I find myself in withdrawals but lucky for me there are more Rie Warren’s to be had.

My finals words are this: Read her books. Read this series. Be prepared to be amazed.


Under His Guard

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