Review: Hawk’s Landing (Cattle Valley #23) by Carol Lynne

September 16, 2014 Review 0

Review: Hawk’s Landing (Cattle Valley #23) by Carol Lynne

Born a man, Kit always felt cheated out of the life he was meant to live. Growing up in Arkansas, Kit was forced to hide behind the masculine clothes and haircuts favoured by the other boys in the small community. The minute Kit graduated high school, he pushed away the male way of life then reached for her dream of living as a woman. With newly augmented breasts, Kit arrives in Cattle Valley in hopes of gaining acceptance.

Gabe “Hawk” Hawkins is in search of more than a place to lay his head when he too comes to Cattle Valley. He’s on the hunt for his son. When he meets Kit at the local gym, he’s knocked sideways by her incredible body and big smile.

It soon becomes clear that there’s more to Kit than meets the eye. Luckily for Hawk, he’s an equal opportunity lover and won’t let the sassy blonde push him away no matter what others say about him. People may not trust Hawk’s motives for being in town, but he hopes Kit will look past his mistakes to see the man he longs to be.

Title: Hawk's Landing
Author: Carol Lynne
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Series: Cattle Valley
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Published by Totally Bound
Source: Publisher
Published: May 9, 2011
Genres: Male Male Romance, Transgender Romance
Pages: 91
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Stars: four-stars
Flames: four-flames
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I have to admit the number one reason I read this book was that I saw it tagged as transgender. I was curious what was the difference between that and the gay romance that I typically read. The blurb describes Kit as a man who has had a breast augmentation. I knew what I was getting for the most part. A little series research informed me that Cattle Valley, Wyoming is a very GLBTGQ (menage) friendly place. It has become a bit of a utopia for those seeking its brand of normalcy.

Cattle Valley may be the perfect place for many but Kit has yet to find her place. She looks around and sees the happy same sex couples and knows that that isn’t the place for her. Gay men like men. Kit may have a penis but she is not a man. She is a difference that is still trying to find her place in this world.

Hawk’s trip to Cattle Valley is something he looking forward to yet there is some anxiety behind the visit. He wants more than anything to see and get to know the son that he recently found out he fathered. Meeting Kit is a bonus to this trip he never expected. Hawk is attracted to both men and women. Kit is a vibrant woman wrapped in a perfect package just for Hawk.

This novella really worked for me. The dating struggles that Kit faces as a woman that is equipped as she is seemed accurate and so sad. Hawk’s sexual preferences are so tailor made for Kit. The obvious struggles are not what the had to get past for their happily ever after. Very sexy romance and I look forward to reading more of Carol Lynne’s Cattle Valley tales.

Hawk’s Landing works as a stand-alone. This is the first book I have read set in this world.

Favorite quote, Kit to Hawk: “Let me be your horse for a while. I’ll lead us to where we need to go.”

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