Review: Heart of Atlantis (Purgatory, Inc) by Deidre Meyrick

September 17, 2015 Review 0

Review: Heart of Atlantis (Purgatory, Inc) by Deidre Meyrick

Marin is a cursed merman. He once walked the streets of Atlantis where he found his true love, he now swims—alone. He is offered a way out of his curse and into the heart of another. But will he be able to love another as he did his true love?

Marley's a loner. He's a treasure hunter who fantasized about mermen. He'd always felt a little out of place, always searching for something, and wanting nothing more than to belong to someone completely.

Between them are several lifetimes and a wicked sorceress bent on possession. Is a soul deep connection enough to bring them together to break a curse that was never meant to be broken?

Title: Heart of Atlantis
Author: Deidre Meyrick
Series: Purgatory Inc
Published by Evernight Publishing
Source: Purchased for Self
Published: January 30, 2015
Genres: Fantasy Romance, Male Male Romance
Pages: 34
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Stars: two-stars
Flames: three-flames

Living beneath the surface of the ocean is a lonely existence for Marin. At one time he enjoyed the best of both worlds (I think) now he is cursed to the sea and the petty jealous whims of a witch he never gave enough attention too. Feeling the call of his mates heartbeat is perhaps Marin’s happiest moment. Seeing Marley in the flesh and realizing exactly what he has been gifted will be the balm that soothes the hurt of all those lonely solitary years.

There is a fascinating mythology and lore in the pages of Heart of Atlantis. I wish it had been elaborated on some more. The page time given to Marley and Marin together is so miniscule. Their compatibility worked because of the whole destined mate thing but I am almost positive that Marin and Aeetes spent more time together than the main couple of this book. There were some things that were eluded to and hinted at that would have been fascinating had the author gone somewhere with that thought. In the end I needed more. Even the villainous witch was lacking by the end of the story.

Paranormal Romance
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