Review: Heart Taker by Sasha Devlin

December 26, 2015 Review 0

Review: Heart Taker by Sasha Devlin

"When the evidence doesn't add up, follow your heart"

""My name is Aya Bedel. I have killed before. I will kill again.""

Detective Will Speedman knows guilt when he sees it. And the delicate, dark-eyed pixie sitting before him in the interrogation room doesn't look strong enough to have overpowered and murdered a string of women.

Yet Aya knows grisly details about the killings that haven't been made public. And something about her sinful shape reaches deep into his primal core and yanks. Hard.

Aya has been having increasingly gruesome visions over the past few weeks. Not only does she witness the murders, she feels the victims' flesh beneath her fingers, feels their last breath caressing her face. She must confess or go mad.

As time runs short, Will's superiors demand answers. Aya's only hope for salvation rests in the desire glowing in Will's eyes and his seductive touch that draws clues from her subconscious.

"Warning: Contains a woman driven nearly mad and a detective driven to seduction to find the truth. Darkly sexual imagery could keep you awake at night trying to figure out why you're trembling. It may not be purely from fear..."

Title: Heart Taker
Author: Sasha Devlin
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Published by Samhain Publishing
Source: Publisher
Published: December 29th 2015
Genres: Crime Drama, Erotic Mystery, Erotic Romance, Suspense
Pages: 140 pages
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Stars: four-stars
Flames: three-flames
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“My name is Aya Bedel. I have killed before. I will kill again.”

With an opening like that, I was oh no! What did I get myself into! As I started to read, I was literally hooked! Grabbed that worm and settled in to read this book from start to finish! I have not read any books by Sasha Devlin so I did not know what to expect. It was so well written. Sasha has a writing flair that keeps you on edge throughout the story. I don’t usually read crime drama so it was unexpected that I couldn’t stop reading!

It starts right in the thick of it where Aya is seeing a murder being committed. Not sure if it’s a premonition, a flashback, or if it is herself committing the murder, Aya turns herself in to the Police. She looks a fright as she’s had days without sleep, food, or even a shower. She doesn’t want to hurt anyone so she begs to be locked up.

Will is assigned the case and as he interviews her, he’s intrigued. The attraction seems mutual. As the interview continues, the things she tells him don’t add up. She gives very vivid details of the murders, where the women were killed, and where they were left. Some of her information has never been given to the press. But Aya has no visible marks on her and after taking dna samples, he believes it’s not her. Until he can prove otherwise, he has to treat her as the suspected killer she claims to be.

After talking with the staff Dr., Will is more determined to prove Aya is not the killer. He believes she is somehow connected to the killer through her visions that make her see everything they are doing but not doing the killing herself. He has a very unusual thought about trying to get Aya’s subconscious to come through and give them more details. Will is a bit hesitant as he will be at risk if Aya is the killer, but if she is innocent, he needs to find the real killer before another murder takes place.

I really liked reading Heart Taker! It was sexy, intriguing, and even a bit creepy at times! I could see how Aya couldn’t understand what was taking place herself, so she had a hard time trying to explain it. Living alone, she had no one to witness what happened to her when she would get these visions, so it was understandable that Aya believed she was committing the murders. I felt her utter sadness for killing and her hopelessness to make it stop. I liked Will and felt his tug to want to help Aya. He seemed like a real stand-up kind of guy.

Heart Taker is a short, unusual story. It’s a crime drama wrapped around a budding romance that packs a punch! Snap this one up today! I was happy to have read it!

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