Review: Between Heaven & Hell (Heavenly Sins #1) by L.M. Brown

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Review: Between Heaven & Hell (Heavenly Sins #1) by L.M. Brown

When an angel and a demon fall for the same mortal man there is only one solution…share him.

Halloween night at the Inferno club always draws a crowd. When Tristan spots a stunningly gorgeous man dressed as a demon across the dance floor he sets out to draw his attention, little realising he has already gained the notice of another. The demon disappears into the throng of revellers, but with the heavenly handsome Machidiel in his arms Tristan doesn't mind.

Even though Mac warns him they can never have more than a one night stand, Tristan longs to see the man who gave him the best sexual experience of his life again.

One year later Tristan opens his door to find Alastor, the demon from the Inferno, who claims they have a date tonight.

Alastor may be the one man who can make Tristan forget Mac. Little does he realise Mac isn't as far from his reach as he believes.

When Mac reappears he has a proposition for Tristan and Alastor, one which means breaking rules and potentially getting him stripped of his wings.

A ménage formed between an angel, a demon, and a human means the sex is hotter than hell itself, but only time will tell if the relationship they have forged together is made in Heaven or Hell.

Title: Between Heaven and Hell
Author: L.M. Brown
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Series: Heavenly Sins
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Published by Totally Bound
Source: Publisher
Published: October 31, 2014
Genres: Erotic Paranormal Romance, Male Male Romance, Menage
Pages: 198
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Stars: five-stars
Flames: five-flames
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I have to say I just loved everything about this extremely sexy read. Between Heaven and Hell is the first book in L.M. Brown’s Heavenly Sins series. An all male menage between an angel, demon, and human. This is one hot book. Very sexy and definitely erotic.

Tristan is just a human out to have a good time on Halloween. Picking up a man to take home for a night of fun is nothing new for him. Mac is extremely hot and more than eager to go home with Tristan. Things just continue to get better when another sexy man tells Tristan they have a date the following Halloween.

After spending a year looking for the sexy man that gave Tristan the night of his life Alastor shows up at his door to put Mac out of his mind. Little does Tristan know that this will be the start of the most amazing thing to happen in his life. Mac and Alastor have a beyond complicated history. They know a good thing when they see it and they see Tristan as the thing that will not only bring them together, but keep them together.

The relationship is not all happy and smooth. All the men have thoughts of being the third wheel and thoughts of jealousy over one or the other seem a constant in the back of ones thoughts. The sex is mind blowing and they know the rest will work itself out… eventually.

Lastly I’d like to give a big thank-you to whoever made the decision to mention in the blurb of Between Good and Evil that it ends with a cliffhanger. I have decided to wait until I have Between Life and Death in my hands before I continue the series. I am very impatiently counting the days until that happens.

Final thoughts, if you’re looking for an erotic paranormal gay romance go grab this one. It is a great read and you’ll love these three men and their rocky road to a happily ever after!

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