Review: Hellion by Rosalie Stanton

July 13, 2016 Review 0

Review: Hellion by Rosalie Stanton

Life in Heaven is a snooze and Sera is always on the lookout for reasons to ditch the Pearly Gates. When a job opens to get close to the orphaned son of a King of Hell, she doesn't hesitate in signing up. Sera’s role is simple: befriend and protect Colin until he is old enough to seize his powers and overthrow his tyrannical father.

Piece of cake.

Colin knows his best friend, Sera, is quirky. In fact, he loves her for it—more than she can know. So when she tells him he's the heir to a Kingdom of Hell, he tries to play along. Sure, the whole thing’s nuts, but there isn’t much he wouldn’t do for her.

Still, Colin isn't prepared for what he learns. Or sees.

The closer Sera gets to completing her mission, the more conflicted she becomes. In all eternity, she never thought she'd fall in love, especially not with someone who happens to be the best friend she’s ever had. But no matter how badly Sera and Colin want to stay together, duty, demons, and Heaven and Hell stand in the way.

Title: Hellion
Author: Rosalie Stanton
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Published by Wright and Pryce
Source: Author
Published: June 14, 2016
Genres: Paranormal Romance
Pages: 203
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Stars: four-half-stars
Flames: three-flames
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Sera is an angel and has been around a long time. She finds heaven BORING! and does whatever she can do to get out! She gets a long-term assignment to befriend and guard Colin, who does not know who and what he truly is. That changes real fast when the secret gets out, and now they are on the run. At first, Colin doesn’t believe her, but she’s his best friend so plays along. That is, until Sera is forced to protect him in all her try angelic glory. Now he has to re-evaluate everything he knows and the truth doesn’t necessarily set him free. Colin loves her and knowing the truth just makes him more determined to not give her up She had one job to do – protect and guard him. Falling in love with him was not part of her assigned duties. The only one thing is standing in their way – Heaven and Hell.

Colin and Sera, could there be another more perfect pair. Best friends forever, they know each other inside out. Well, kind of. Colin is in for one rude awakening once he finds out she’s an angel and he is half-demon heir to a Kingdom of Hell. Of course the question is now who is the bigger Hellion. Sera is a naughty angel. She just has a problem with being angel. All that having to be good. And good is just no fun! Colin is nerd-ish and let us not forget, half demon. Yes learning the truth about his bio-parents and his destiny…now that didn’t go over so well. However, she is his bestie and he has loved her forever, he’s just afraid to tell her. Best part about them being friends, is how well they know and can play off each other. I alternated between laughing at their snappy dialogs and the situations they found themselves in.

There’s not too many extra characters in this book, but the ones that it does contain have caught my complete focus. Savina, who is Colin’s half-sister, you I initially didn’t care for but by the end I found to be worth paying attention to. Camael, you are quite the quagmire. I’m still on the fence about why I disliked you the most. However, the best guest appearance in a book goes to….El. BAHAHAHA!!! I absolutely LOVE what the author did here. As soon as I finished reading Hellion, I immediately ran to the author’s page to see if this was going to be a series. PLEASE let this be a series! Please! I need more Colin and Sera! I need to know what happens with Savina and Camael. There is so much potential in these characters and their untold stories, I would love to see where it all goes.

I have read several books by author Rosalie Stanton and if you are not reading her creations then you are seriously missing out. Quirky characters that find themselves in interesting predicaments, with just the right amount of heat and you will find yourself wanting to read more of her books. Get Hellion. Read it and you will see what I mean when I say Ms. Stanton is an absolute must read author.



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