Review: Her Creed by Jennifer Kacey

June 30, 2016 Review 0

Review: Her Creed by Jennifer Kacey

Fighters take the ultimate prize for victory…

Underage KC snuck into the underground fight club called The Cage. But it was no ordinary fight club. The participants didn’t battle for titles or a useless belt to collect dust. The men and women brawled for only one thing. To be the victor and take the spoils of war they’d earned with their blood, sweat and tears. Not for money or jewels. They fought for the right to take the loser in any way—and any hole—of their choosing.

But KC was discovered by one of the bouncers and taken to a room with no way out. To the office of the owner, Creed, who held more than just her fate in his hands…

He’d seen hundreds of warriors find their way to his door with visions of grandeur and conquest. But it took a girl not yet a woman to remind him why he worked so tirelessly day in and day out. Her eyes. They would haunt him long after he threw her out of his arena and told her never to return.

Years later, they meet again, and KC is ready to take her place amongst his fighters. Creed wants nothing to do with the woman she’s become, but their fate has an interesting way of setting things right.

Title: Her Creed
Author: Jennifer Kackey
Published by Never Settle Publishing
Source: Author
Published: June 7, 2016
Genres: Erotic Romance
Pages: 148
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Stars: four-stars
Flames: five-flames
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On occasion Vanilla Vanessa steps way outside of her comfort zone and reads something different. Her Creed falls into that category in a big way. I finished reading it a couple of days ago and the only thought that is still running through my head is that it is most certainly the dirtiest book I’ve ever read… and I liked it.

Let’s go back to Vanilla Vanessa. I read the blurb. I knew I was getting into a kinky book. These are Gladi-Rapers. The characters are fighting to win a very specific prize. The line here is blurred for this world but it all works without is being rape. All fighters are going into the fight knowing exactly what the outcome is. No one is forced to fight. I checked with the author to make sure that I was going to get a happily ever after. I need that. After reading the book I can honestly say the KC and Creed also needed a happily ever after. Them getting to that point was deliciously sexy, and dirty, very filthy dirty.

At the young age of seventeen KC sneaks into one of the arenas to watch a fight. She’s caught, scolded, and subsequently kicked out. The scolding sits with her for years. The scolder never leaves her mind. Five years later she goes back to that ludas to fight, to win, to take. It’s exciting, it’s kinky, it’s scorchingly hot, and it is definitely a very unique read.Zebra Paranormal Romance

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