Review: Her Master’s Collar (On the Hunt #1) by Sara Brookes

May 31, 2013 Review 1

Review: Her Master’s Collar (On the Hunt #1) by Sara Brookes

The last thing Korene needs in her life is a former Master who abandoned her ten years ago. But when her employees are taken hostage on Mars, she’s forced to work with Roland whether she likes it or not. Sparks fly the moment the perfectly chiseled man saunters into her conference room; a sign their incredible chemistry is still just as potent.

Roland has a job to do, but he struggles with his unrelenting desire for the only woman he ever loved. Seeing the strong-willed Korene on her knees again is enough to shatter Roland’s willpower. And give him a raging hard-on.

Their distracting lust could flame out of control if they aren’t careful.

Warning: Fire up your thrusters to embark on a secret mission with a snarky submissive who knows the meaning of courtesy and her smoking hot former Marine Dom who isn't afraid to wait one more day. The sexual chemistry between these two is so sinfully hot, it'll melt the plastishield of your spacesuit helmet. Houston, we have a problem.

Title: Her Master's Collar
Author: Sara Brookes
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Series: On the Hunt
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Source: Publisher
Published: May 1, 2013
Genres: Erotic Sci Fi Romance
Pages: 121
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Stars: four-stars
Flames: four-flames

Employees of Korene’s company are in danger and she hires the absolute best to get them out of the dire situation they are in. Her choice in extraction team puts her in a difficult situation and her heart on the line. She will have to work in close proximity with the Master that uncollered her ten years ago. This is a loss that she still fells the effects of. Roland is just as apprehensive about being near Korene again. He wants nothing more than to get back something he used to have.

Oh hello to the hotness that is Roland. He is an alpha, he is possessive, he is a stern dominant, and he is so loving and caring towards Korene. Roland also made the biggest mistake of his life ten years ago and now he has been given the chance to make amends. At the time he thought he was choosing the best option that would allow the least amount of hurt to Korene. He now sees that the only place for her is with him.

Korene was a very interesting submissive to read. There is nothing about her that is submissive. She is intelligent, strong, witty, and runs her own company. She is a strong and capable heroine. Her submission to Roland is a release. It allows her to let go of all the things she controls and rules and it is this freedom that she finds in her submission that is oh so sexy. Ten years after he left her she now has to figure out if the void that he left can be filled, by him. They have to find their center again and there is a touching love story in that journey.

Roland and Korene together are hot. Following along with them on their road to a happily ever after was an enjoyment. They know they are explosive sexually. Now they have to find the way to make their relationship work. They know what they are like together, they have experienced the hell that is apart, and now they are going for the only option. It is one sexy read.

Sara Brookes


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