Review – Her Master’s Redemption (Masters #3) by Lily White

September 16, 2017 Review 0

Review – Her Master’s Redemption (Masters #3) by Lily White

I was a Master.

To understand me, you must understand my past.

My father was a Master. My mother his Courtesan.

I was raised in a business that trained women to become whores for the men that owned them. I was taught to train with a strict hand...but to seduce with a kind heart.

Although my mother was one of those golden whores, the women broken and rebuilt to become everything their owner could desire, my mother - in her wisdom and beauty - trapped the heart of her Master.

Through her perseverance, she never let the man go.

Naturally, I followed in his footsteps, not once finding love, but almost gaining a son.

My heart was destroyed on a clear summer day when my child was stripped from my hands. Redemption for my crimes was lost, and loneliness like a man should never know was gained.

Until I found Seraphina...

She thought she could deny me. She thought she could choose her fate or determine the course her life would run. She thought she would never love another because she couldn't love herself.

With a shattered heart and rebellious mind, she believed her life was broken. She chose death as an avenue to escape the life she was given, and she believed there was nobody who could stand in her way.

As her Master, it was my duty to show her...

...that all her beliefs were wrong.

Title: Her Master's Redemption
Author: Lily White
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Series: Masters
Published by Self
Source: Author
Published: September 7, 2017
Genres: BDSM, Dark Erotica
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Stars: five-stars
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Although you can read this as a standalone (mainly because it’s THAT well written), I don’t recommend it. I truly believe that you need to read the others (at least the first installment) to grasp the entire picture that will be laid out before you in this book.

You know that moment you finish a book and just….stare at the last page? You try to blink your eyes in hopes that another page will appear so that it’s not the end, but, it just doesn’t happen. And then you’re stuck trying to unwrap what you’ve just read, only to STILL stare at that page. Well, that’s exactly what happened to me. I wasn’t staring because I didn’t like the book. I wasn’t staring because it didn’t make sense. Nope, I was staring because although I knew it had to come to an end, I didn’t want it to.

Seraphina is completely broken. She’s been dealt a very hard life, lived through it, but no longer has the desire to live. While attempting to rid herself from her world, she’s saved. But she’s not ready. She doesn’t want saving. And the last place she thought she’d open her eyes was in an extremely familiar place. One that she just can’t seem to escape from.

Master Anthony is lost. Well…he’s just not the same since a tragic accident changed his life, and the last thing he needed was a reminder of what changed everything. But that’s what he gets while driving one day. Not only was it a reminder, it was way too close and he feels as though he needs to make amends. Is the Master back from the dead? Can he find his redemption?

(Sigh) This book. This book has left me dealing with many things. As you can guess, with 100% accuracy, your mind will be blown. Even when you think you know what’s going to hit you, you have no idea. Then there’s the fact we’re given a broken woman who has reached her breaking point, only to be broken even further than you think is possible. And let’s not forget Master Anthony and the things he goes through. This has become my absolute favorite Master’s book thus far. Not only are we pulled in to Anthony and Seraphina’s story, we get to re-live all that is Aiden. And THAT is worth reading over and over again!!! After all, it’s all about redemption.




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