Review: Hero Unmasked (Heroes of Saturn, #3) by Anna Alexander

May 4, 2016 Review 0

Review: Hero Unmasked (Heroes of Saturn, #3) by Anna Alexander

Book three in the Heroes of Saturn series. When Dhavin Kilsgaard landed on Earth, he knew trading his life as a royal guard for a position as a small-town police officer would take some adjusting. But not even his skills at foiling assassination attempts and protecting princesses prepared him for the complexity that is the human female.
Fiona Corrione's shy smile makes him hunger for more than a taste of the delicious chocolate she sells in her candy store, but the woman won't fall for his Llanos charm. When his empathetic abilities sense her lusty cravings for his superhero alter ego, he doesn't hesitate to seduce her from behind the mask. Once she falls in love with him, she'll forgive him for the ruse, right? Fiona is beyond livid when she discovers the flirtatious officer and her hunky hero lover are one and the same. Before she kicks Dhavin to the curb, she'll prove Earth girls aren't easy and revenge is sweetest when served with leather straps and whipped cream.

Title: Hero Unmasked
Author: Anna Alexander
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Series: Heroes of Saturn
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Published by House of Rosenorn
Source: Author
Published: January 19, 2016
Genres: Erotic Paranormal Romance, Erotic Romance, Paranormal Romance, Sci Fi Romance
Pages: 214
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Stars: three-stars
Flames: three-flames
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This third installment in the Heroes of Saturn revolves around Dhavin and Fiona. In Hero Unmasked Dhavin is learning to adjust to his life on Earth as a small-town police officer. He is instantly attracted to candy store owner, Fiona. As charming as Dhavin is, he can’t compete for Fiona’s affections when they lay with someone else: the Chameleon. He decides to seduce her as his superhero alter ego. Dhavin is sure once she falls in love with him Fiona will forgive him when he does the big reveal. However, once Fiona discovers the truth, she’s more the pissed and decides to teach Dhavin a lesson with revenge – Earthling style.

I think of the three books in the series, this was my favorite (SO FAR!). How Dhavin passes himself off as a superhero is somewhat comical. How Fiona doesn’t figure out right away he’s the Chameleon is beyond me (must be the Superman syndrome) but this was definitely a fun read for me. The pairing of these to MC has the right amount of heat, witty dialog and attraction. I absolutely LOVED once Fiona figures it out because she has what I think is the best revenge on Dhavin. I will never think of a ‘5 o’clock shadow’ the same way again. *Giggles!* I like how all the characters make more than an appearance in each of the books. Bale makes a brief but amusing appearance. I hope to see more of him, maybe even eventually get his own story.

Heroes of Saturn series just keeps getting better and this installment just proves why I am hooked. Hero Unmasked is a must read for anyone who likes hot lusty super men.

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