Review: High Heels & Bicycle Wheels by Jane Linfoot

August 13, 2014 Review 0

Review: High Heels & Bicycle Wheels by Jane Linfoot

Meet Bryony: she’s a fun-loving, very single TV production assistant whose idea of sport is the Jimmy Choo sales scrum.

Meet Jackson: Cycling’s bad boy superstar. Injured and out of a certain race this summer, without his training, he’s looking for another distraction…

Bryony’s facing a triple whammy – her last single friend just named the day, her mother’s offering to have her eggs frozen, and the guy she’s loved from afar, forever, has just got hitched. So she’s more than happy to accept the offer of a totally out of character but seriously steamy one night of no-strings fun. Especially when the guy in question is so attractive he even looks good in Lycra!

Jackson’s on the lookout for a new career but if the opportunity to work on TV means a fortnight with the most uptight woman in the world, he’d rather not bother. He never goes in for seconds – and who in their right mind would head off in a campervan, with a woman who irons her knickers?

Add in a tandem (yes a tandem) and fast forward to double trouble for a summer neither of them will ever forget!

Title: High Heels & Bicycle Wheels
Author: Jane Linfoot
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Published by Harper Impulse
Source: Publisher
Published: 17 July, 2014
Genres: Contemporary Romance
Pages: 306
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Stars: five-stars
Flames: three-flames

Jane Lightfoot is one of the authors that I know what to expect from her titles: funny, somewhat control-obsessed heroines with an aversion to commitment and a fascination with all things Laboutin. These aren’t traditionally pretty heroines, they are always too something, which keeps them from being cookie-cutter and familiar.  Bryony is one of those heroines, and I think my favorite to date. ‘Too tall” by most standards, she refuses to bow to convention by always wearing her heels – no matter the footing.  A production assistant who always seems to get her way, either by charming, cajoling or simply steamrolling people to her point of view, her whole world is turned upside down when she has to conquer her fear and ride on a tandem bicycle behind a world-famous racer.

Jackson Gale is in recovery: not just the physical, but a major overhauling of his ‘bad boy’ reputation among the journalists and public.  A simple tandem bike race for charity is the first step in this repair of his public image.  Meant to be a simple ride, he is first faced with the inability of a known presenter as his second, and then faced with the reality that is Byrony, stuffed into a racing kit that is stretching the lycra to extremes, a tall expanse of bright pink wrapper on a woman who totally knocks his socks off.

As a couple, these two are sniping and snarking at one another constantly, but the electric charge is palpable, and Byrony loosens her iron-fisted control to have one night with Jackson. He’s safe, there is no chance of a connection, and she mistakenly believes that staying out of the bedroom will keep their connection casual.

From the first page to the last, Linfoot draws you into the world she is creating: you know these characters (or their types) and you can understand their issues, even as you laugh when things go amiss. With a knack for presenting characters that are all too human and giving them moments of doubt, fear, passion and outright ridiculous scenes where you can do little but laugh, her stories are great getaway reads – perfect for when you want to escape and be taken for a ride.  The connections are believable and secondary characters provide interesting counterpoints to push the main couple to their AHA moment, even when they are both fighting through their own baggage to get there.  From flirty to knock your socks off steamy moments, the story never disappoints and develops with readers able to follow and cheer on the relationship.


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