Review: Highland Hearts by J.P. Bowie

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Review: Highland Hearts by J.P. Bowie

Callum Robertson has inherited his grandfather’s mansion in northern Scotland, but the house comes with a history he knew nothing about—should he be thrilled, or feel threatened as the house seems to lure him in?

When Callum Robertson first sees the old Scottish country mansion his grandfather bequeathed him, his first instinct is to sell the antiquated pile for whatever he can get for it—admittedly not much in a downturned market. Then he meets Craig MacPherson, a local farmer with auburn curls and sparkling gray eyes, and suddenly the gloomy old house doesn’t look quite the white elephant it first appeared to be.

Craig tells Callum that it’s rumored the house is haunted but by what or whom no one seems to know. Books flying off shelves then being mysteriously replaced give Callum pause to reconsider his rejection of the idea of an actual ghost haunting the place. When he finds a journal relating to the history of his family he is, by turn, intrigued then fascinated as the family saga unfolds through the writings of his ancestors.

An encounter with what he feels must be the spirit of his great-great-great uncle Alistair makes him change his mind about not only selling the house, but also about his future with Craig.

Title: Highland Hearts
Author: J.P. Bowie
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Published by Pride
Source: Publisher
Published: July 12, 2016
Genres: M/M Erotica, Male Male Romance, Paranormal Romance
Pages: 103
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Stars: three-stars
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When I read the blurb of Highland Heart I could not wait to begin my reading.  A ghost story set in Scotland, it was promising to be an interesting story.   That was the first time that I was reading a book from  J.P. Bowie.   This book is falling into the average category.  I feel that the intimate relation between  Callum and Craig stole the show.  The first night that Craig arrived in the mansion that he had inherited, he slept over at Craig’s place right away.  I would have loved to feel the vibe of that old house at night, to read about more unexplained events.   I guess that I would have loved to see the mansion treated as a character instead of being just “a house”.

My favorite part of the story is the discovery of Callum  family journal.  The author is taking us on a fascinating journey to the past.  It was well written and enjoyable.  I am crazy about historic details in a book.  I feel like these historic details are helping us to relate more to the characters.  Scottish slang is used in this book  in the discussion between Callum and Craig. At one point it became very frustrating and It was distracting myself .  I understand that the author wanted to give to ­­­­Craig a local flavor, but in the end, it was just too much.
The chemistry between Callum and Craig is undeniable.  They are attracted to each other as magnets.  This is a physical relationship that begins to transform into something more.  I did not connect with Callum and Craig.  Callum seemed guarded and I was unable to feel any sympathy toward himself.    Craig was a little too stereotypical for me.  The Golden Heart Country boy that is falling for a corporate city guy.   It just seems too easy for me to happen this way, I might be used to much more drama in the books that I am reading.
The second half of the story is stronger than the first part.  It was engaging and a pure pleasure to read.   If my intention would have been to read a good M/M erotica story, I would have been happy, however, I thought it would be more a PNR story.  The ending is satisfying and the story had some great moments. I will keep my eyes open for this author new releases, I will know where to look for good M/M erotica,
If you are a fan of M/M erotica with some PNR and historical details, you might very well enjoy this book.
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