Review: The Highlander’s Folly (Loch Moigh #3) by Barbara Longley

February 13, 2015 Review 0

Review: The Highlander’s Folly (Loch Moigh #3) by Barbara Longley

A brave fifteenth-century Highlander fiercely devoted to his foster family, Hunter of clan MacKintosh can defeat any man in battle. Thanks to his fae gifts, he can read the intent of his opponents and guess their next moves. But when the faerie Madame Giselle sends Hunter to the present day, he stumbles into a staged battle and rescues a young knight—only to discover that the knight is a woman, and she’s anything but a damsel in distress.

Meghan McGladrey learned martial arts and sword fighting from her father, a time-traveling Highlander himself. To Hunter’s surprise, Meghan is as skilled as any knight. When both of them are pulled back to the fifteenth century, Meghan becomes desperate to return to her time. Hunter, who is pledged to another, begins to fall for the beautiful, brave warrior as they fight side by side against a common enemy. Now, he must decide which matters more: his honor, or following his heart.

Exciting battles and intoxicating passion reunite in the third Novel of Loch Moigh from award-winning author Barbara Longley.

Title: The Highlander's Folly
Author: Barbara Longley
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Series: Loch Moigh
Published by Montlake Romance
Source: Publisher
Published: February 3, 2015
Genres: Fantasy Romance, Historical Romace, Time Travel
Pages: 288
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Stars: four-stars
Flames: three-flames

This was a good story!  Hunter, a 15th century knight is bringing his fortune from abroad home.  They have been gone for five years and have been successful in part due to Hunter’s fae abilities. It’s very useful in battle being able to know what the enemy’s next move is going to be.  But when the faerie, Madame Giselle, sends Hunter to present day, he lands in the middle of a staged battle at a Renaissance Fair.  He rescues a young knight from what he perceives to be a certain death, by bringing him back to the 15th century.  Only the He turns out to be a She –Meghan-and she fights back.

Meghan is a strong girl who trained in mixed martial arts with her father.  They stage demonstrations at the fairs.  When she’s plucked from the fair and transported to the 15th century, she is scared.  Not knowing the reason the fae would do this to her, she’s overwhelmed and distraught.  Hunter vows to find the fae and return her to her proper time. This must be a mistake.

As Hunter and Meghan battle together against enemies, Hunter realizes she’s just as brave and capable as any of his knights.  He is developing feelings for her and he shouldn’t as he’s promised to another.  But he likes having her around.  He is torn by the vow to return her home, and the dream of keeping her with him. When the time comes will he honor his vow and send her home? Even if it goes against what his heart is telling him?

The Highlander’s Folly is book three in Barbara Longley’s Loch Moigh series. You do not have to read books one and two in the series to read this book.  The dialect takes a bit of getting used to but once you do, the story flows.  I love how the time travel weaves its way throughout.  We are given just enough to keep us interested and wanting more.  The tale is very intriguing and it keeps you guessing until the very end.

Reviewed by Deb

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