Review: His Marriage Bargain (So Inked #3) by Sidney Bristol

November 11, 2015 Review 0

Review: His Marriage Bargain (So Inked #3) by Sidney Bristol

A woman who loves too much…

When Autumn’s best friend proposes a pretend marriage, the chance to make all the kisses she’s imagined real is too much for her to pass up. She seduces him with her body and enjoys pushing his boundaries and fulfilling their sexual fantasies—but her heart isn’t supposed to be part of the bargain.

A man about to take his last breath…

Living on borrowed time, Sammi has just weeks left to live out his dying wish—to have the white picket fence, the house and the wife. If Autumn is the last woman he gets to taste, he’ll die a lucky man. Her body, her heart, everything about her calls to him. But love isn’t supposed to be in the plans.

In the crucible of passion, these two lovers will find out what they’re really made from, and just how long I Do lasts.

Title: His Marriage Bargain
Author: Sidney Bristol
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Series: So Inked
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Published by Inked Press
Source: Purchased for Self
Published: September 12, 2015
Genres: Contemporary Romance, Erotic Romance
Pages: 361
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Stars: five-stars
Flames: four-flames

The decision to even read this was a difficult one.  I mean, how can there be a book with a hero dying, but still have a hea?  Well that was the easy question to overcome.  I needed to find out how that could happen and I like the author, Sidney Brostol. The next issue was, with a hero dying, would there be triggers for me?  That was the much harder issue for me to deal with, but I decided to take the chance.  I found that this book didn’t have any different triggers than many other romances have had for me, nothing too traumatic that would keep me from enjoying the story.  I ended up being very glad I took the chance and read this book.

Now comes the really hard part.  How does one write a review on a book about the hero dying without giving spoilers?  I personally HATE spoilers.  Therefore, I do not want to submit you, dear reader, to spoilers.  Hence, my dilemma.  *sigh*  But, here goes.

As mentioned, there were no more triggers in this story than in any other romance I have read.  In fact, only one stood out.  I found myself shedding a tear when Autumn is in the bridal shop to purchase her wedding gown and finds herself all alone with no one to advise or help her choose.  The author did an amazing job of having us feel that aloneness.  And an even more amazing job of solving the issue.  I cheered with the way Autumn pulled herself together and was very surprised at how she solved it.  It was wonderful!  And so was Autumn.

I have to say, I really liked Autumn.  Even with her horrendous childhood, she has grown into a lovely, strong person full of love to share.  She has a few issues still to work out, but really, who doesn’t?  She, at least, is aware of her issues and is working on them.  One of them being, she tends to jump (or run) into a situation without fully thinking it through, which isn’t really all bad.  It just sometimes makes consequences a bit more complicated to deal with.  But deal she does.  Did I mention, I really liked Autumn?

As for Sammi, well, I really can’t say too much there without spoilers.  Except maybe, he is your typical guy.  This is mentioned by both Sammi and Autumn more than once.  “You are such a guy!”  “Glad you noticed.”  OR “I am a guy.”  “I noticed.”   A little clichéd maybe, but it worked.  I loved it.

Oh yes!  Be prepared, this guy may be dying, but his libido certainly wasn’t. There is a lot of sex in this book.  In a cabana, on the kitchen counter, in a recliner, and oh yes, even the bed.  I would say your basic honeymoon couple.  It was sweet actually.

This is book three in the So Inked series, but don’t worry.  I haven’t read the first two either.  I was not lost or felt I missed out by not having read them first.  The author did a good job of telling us what we needed to know to make this an enjoyable read as a stand-alone.  That being said, I will go back and read the first two books because I like this author, and I liked the secondary characters in this book and would like to read their stories too, both the two before and the potential two after.

I recommend you read this to find out how there can be a hea when the hero is dying.  It is well worth the read, even with some of the more heart wrenching parts.  Try it, you might find you like it too!



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